have you ever tasted pistachios like this? if you haven’t tasted it yet, you should read it now. Other countries refer to baklava as their special dessert, but baklava is a Turkish dessert. Gaziantep is the most famous city in Turkey in baklava. If you want to eat a real baklava, you should visit gaziantep in Turkey.

Baklava, which was distributed to the people for free from time to time after the victories won in the wars during the Ottoman period, has been claimed by many nations throughout history and continues to be owned. But all this suggests that baklava is a Turkish dessert. The baklava, which whets the appetites of those who see it with its pomegranate-fried appearance, is unlike any dessert. Because it is the only and indispensable dessert that appeals to the five senses, as the old generation of Masters call it. That is why it has been the chief crown of Turkish cuisine for so long.

Although there are no clear records of the past, it is accepted by all sources that the baklava took its ostentatious and subtle form during the Ottoman period, which can be described as the classical baklava of today. The oldest recorded event related to Baklava is recorded in the kitchen books of Topkapı Palace belonging to the period of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. According to this record, baklava was cooked in the Palace in the month of Shaban (according to the Hijri calendar). 17. in the middle of the century, Evliya Çelebi, who was a guest at the mansion of Bitlis Beyi, far from Istanbul, stated in his own writings that he ate baklava. Sultan 3. In Vehbi’s “Surname”, which describes the grand circumcision wedding of Ahmad’s four sons in 1720, he stated that baklava was offered to all his guests.

Ottoman baklava Regiment

The best of the desserts was baklava, but also the dessert of the Sultans. Baklava was a very important place in the palace, not only because it was considered a sign of wealth and fine pleasure, but also because it took its place in state ceremonies. 18. the baklava Regiment tradition, which originated at the beginning of the century, stands out as the most prominent example of this.

During the reign of Suleiman the magnificent, it was customary to serve stew, rice and zerde to the soldiers who went on the expedition. After a while, this custom was abandoned due to the lack of military expeditions. However, this was replaced by a feast given to the Sultan as a compliment to the soldiers while the ulufe was distributed every three months and the baklava was given at the fifteenth of the month of Ramadan.

We see baklava being eaten in many countries except Turkey. Apart from Greece, Albania, Macedonia, India, Afghanistan, Armenia, the Arabian Peninsula and North African countries, it comes across as a beloved dessert in the US state of Texas. There are many varieties such as Pistachio, Walnut, hazelnut, almond, but the most special one of them is pistachio.. The fact that it is a sorbet dessert increases the flavor and increases the calories we get. As a matter of fact, the person who eats baklava is the person who has taken the risk of everything.

There are many types of baklava. their turkish names are as follows.

1-Kara Baklava


3-Fıstık Dolama

4-Havuç Dilimi

5-Midye baklava

6-Dilber dudağı baklava

Where do i eat?

One of the two most popular answers to the question “Where to eat baklava in Gaziantep?” Is Koçak and the other is Imam Çağdaş. You can eat baklava in Karaköy Faruk Güllüoğlu in Istanbul.

Enjoy your meal. I hope you like it. smile





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