Where is Sumela Monastery?



Sumela Monastery is popularly referred to as ‘’Virgin Mary’’. Founded in the name of the Virgin Mary, the monastery is said to have taken the name “Sumela” from the word “molasses” meaning “black”.


The monastry, 1150 metres from the sea and 300 metres from the valley, is on the UNESCO “Tentative List of World Cultural Heritage”. Sümela, the most important monastery of the region, was a school that raised monks. If we look at the history of Sumela Monastery; Monastery, M.S. It is believed to have been built between 375-395.

Sumela Monastery is quite interesting;

It is said that two Athenian priests have a dream on the same night. In their dreams they are told by Jesus and Mary to build thenselves a monastery. The t wo priests depart, unaware of each other, and arrive at the place described in their dreams. So they come to the place where the Sumela Monastery is now. Assured that this is a sign of rahmani, the two priests then lay the foundation of the monastery.

The architecture of the monastery resembles the Churches of Cappadocia. Sümela Monastery consists of kaya church, chapels, kitchen, sacred ayazma, library, guest house and student rooms.

It is possible to observe especially artistic traces of different civilizations when you visit them. One of the most important features of the monastery is that its interior is covered with frescoes, and in these frescoes you can see three different periods. There are many fascinating drawings on the walls of the Kilies, from figures of the Virgin Mary to the apostles to the creation of Adam and Eve.

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