Vazelon Monastery

Vazelon Monastery

You will learn everything you wonder about Vazelon Monastery in our article. Vazelon monastery. Where is Vazelon Monastery? How to get to Vazelon Monastery? Information about Vazelon Monastery?

Vazelon Monastery was of vital importance for its impact on religious, cultural and economic life in the Maçka region. It is said that the Sumela Monastery was built with the money derived from the income of the Vazelon Monastery. It is possible to see frescoes related to Heaven, Hell and Judgment Day on the outer walls in the north of the church.

The monastery was attacked and devastated many times by the occupying forces, especially the Persians and Turks. In 490 the monastery was destroyed by the Sassanids and 400 people were killed. During the Ottoman Turkish rule (1453-1922) the monastery was destroyed many times. In 1821, Chrysanthos, the abbot of the monastery, managed to escape the massacre of 40 Christian villages around the monastery, which was built for diplomatic reasons. The monastery was completely destroyed in 1922, today it is in ruins.

The only remaining piece from the archive of the monastery is in the Leningrad Museum. Following the last demolition in 1922, Dionysios Amarantidis, the last pastor of the monastery, saved the icon of Yahya. Later, Serez moved the icon to Agia Triada Monastery in Greece.

The monastery, as a result of Turkey-Greek population exchange in 1922 was abandoned after the expulsion of the Greek population in Turkey.

Where is Vazelon Monastery?

Our historical place, which is full of hidden secrets and invites you for a stroll with its mysterious stance, is in Trabzon. The monastery is located among the pine forests of Kiremitli Village on Gümüşhane road.

Since there is a majority of visitors to the monastery in the southern part of the district center, minibuses are working from the city center. The roads, which were previously a route, were constructed and the asphalt road provided a more comfortable transportation. You can reach these trips on the borders of Maçka district of Trabzon over the historical bridge, which is approximately 15 kilometers away from the district center.

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