Uzungol locality is known as “Saraho” in Greek in 1586 when looking at the settlement records. In a certain period of history, after a natural disaster known as ‘Şerah’, the Solaklı Creek is closed, thus forming a long lake. This natural beauty has been known as “Uzungol “ever since.

While Uzungol was connected to Of district of Trabzon for the first time in history, it has been connected to Caykara district since 1948.

This lake, which meets tourism after its geographical beauty, has become a famous tourism region and hotels and restaurants have been opened around it. The question of whether hotels and restaurants are open or not is your decision.

The area of Uzungol is completely covered with forest and is very rich in wildlife, flora and fauna. We are sorry that you could not breathe plenty of oxygen from the grill smoke of the restaurants.

Uzungol is 1000 meters long, 500 meters wide and about 15 meters deep.

Uzungol was declared as a nature park by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 1989, where you can get away from the crowded city life and watch the wide vegetation with frequent spruce trees around it, you can run and have fun in the springs, watch the chirps and flights of birds from the birdwatching tower, and take holistic photo castles in its unique landscape.

What to do in Uzungol?


Would you like to put the clouds under your feet? Located in Haldizen Valley between Soğanlı Mountain and Kaçkar Mountains, Uzungöl, when you approach the clouds at the foothills of the surrounding mountains, you will feel the clouds under your feet when you cross the skirts.

Take nature hiking tours organized in the summer or create your own route. Check out thousands of tree species in the dense forests and sit and take unique photos of nature.

On this route you go for trekking; Do not forget to take water with you and know that GSM operators are not pulling.

You Can Camp

The forest areas and highlands around Uzungöl are very convenient for camping. While climbing towards Karester Plateau, you can camp on the edge of brown forgotten wooden houses on the slopes of the slopes.

Take care not to light a fire when you camp. Because it can be dangerous to set fire between forests so often. Even if you have taken precautions, we are all human, of course, we can make mistakes.

When to Go to Uzungol?

Uzungol shows a typical Black Sea climate, ie rainy, marine thermal properties in all seasons. Rains in Uzungol; While it is seen as snow in winter, it is seen as rain in summer. You can’t predict when it’s going to rain here, you can suddenly be in the middle of the rain.

For this reason, it is beneficial to be cautious during your visit to Uzungöl. While the coldest month of Uzungöl is February, the hottest time is July. During the winter, the lake is covered with an ice layer.

It is usually useful to plan your visit to Uzungol for your summer months. The businesses located around Uzungöl actively serve in the summer months.

Where is Uzungol?

Uzungöl belongs to Çaykara district of Trabzon district. The distance of Uzungol to Trabzon is about 99 kilometers, and the distance to Caykara district center is about 19 kilometers.

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