Trabzon Castle

Trabzon Castle

You will learn everything you wonder about Trabzon castle in our article. Where is Trabzon Castle? How to get to Trabzon castle? Information about Trabzon castle.

Trabzon Castle, which is included in the travel book of even Evliya Çelebi, was built on the hill located in the highest part of the city. The walls of the historical buildings are in BC. Trabzon Castle, which is among the unique beauty of Zağnos valley and built on high rocks, was used in the Ottoman period to protect the city from the sea.

You can complement the historical building, which has been precisely preserved until today, with the magnificent view of nature during your strolls. The first repair and maintenance of the castle, which is found in a big way from other fortresses in the city, is from the Ottoman period. You can see that the Ottoman works are also in this historical building.

You can come across the mosques as well as the baths and the ruins of the older hippodrome. You can also enjoy the view and nature while visiting the inner castle and the upper fortress in the structure of the castle. You will see that the zodiac signs in the lower part go down to the sea. You can have a great time with accommodation, eating and drinking facilities.

Where is Trabzon Castle?

It is located in Kale District of Araklı district of Trabzon province. It is one of the important historical buildings that should be included among the Trabzon trips. It will spend unforgettable times with its magnificent nature and wonderful view.

How to Get to Trabzon Castle?

You can reach the Araklı district via the city center of Trabzon with private minibuses. For those who want to go by private car, arrival from the eastern part of Araklı district to Kale District and arrival to the famous Trabzon Castle are provided. The roads were not built as before and are open to use every semester.

Trabzon Castle Today

The castle, which is one of the preserved historical buildings of the city with its walls preserved to date, has a bad appearance now due to the distorted construction inside. The arrangement around it offers a very nice view. It is free to go inside the castle or the fortress walls. You can photograph the walls and ruins that contain thousands of years of history. In addition, the reason for the beautiful view of the castle is a place worth visiting.

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