Tophane Bursa

Tophane, located in the heart of the city of Bursa, is also one of the most touristic centers of the region. What makes Bursa Tophane so privileged is the presence of the Clock Tower and tombs belonging to the founders of the Ottoman State.

Information About Bursa Tophane

Tophane is a very advantageous place in terms of its location. Because those who come to Tophane can also have the chance to watch the city 360 degrees. The famous cannon shots heard from every district of the city during Ramadan are thrown from here, as the name suggests. Since Tophane is becoming a place with increasing tourist value, it has become possible to encounter many cafes and restaurants.

Tophane has a considerable size garden that also hosts shootings. Many people who want to respect these special people who gave life to the great Ottoman Empire show great interest in these shrines. There is a distance of approximately 10 minutes between Bursa Grand Mosque.

Bursa Tophane Park

Bursa Tophane Park covers a very large area. When you enter the park, the War of Independence will meet you in the front section. In the entrance part of the park, there are many cafes and tea gardens on the right side. The majority of cafes are ideal for viewing the view. A little ahead of the park, you can encounter the big Clock Tower and the Hyacinth Garden Mansion. Visitors to Bursa Tophane Park generally come with religious or historical motivations.

Bursa Tophane Clock Tower

When it comes to Bursa Tophane, the first building that comes to mind is definitely the Clock Tower. After passing the Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi Tombs, there is a big square in the middle of the park. The Historical Clock Tower is located exactly on this square. There are 3 different Turkish flags at the top of the tower.

This magnificent structure, consisting of cream and brown stones, has been moved since 1905. The Clock Tower has a total length of 33 meters. The width of the tower is known as 4.65 meters. It is also considered by the municipality as a fire watchtower.

Bursa Tophane Walls

Tophane Walls was first built in 700 years. Both Romans and Byzantines actively used the walls. The Ottoman Empire had to repair the walls many times. On the castle, traces of civilizations have been successfully preserved. The walls generally attracted the attention of the travelers, and that is why they are praised in many texts.

Bursa Tophane View

As we mentioned above, Tophane has an ideal location to see Bursa as a whole. Even fire surveillance from here proves the nature of the landscape. Generally, the areas with the Clock Tower or cafes are used to see the landscape more efficiently. Thanks to Tophane, it is possible to embrace Bursa city from a bird’s eye view. Distorted buildings or tall buildings that have spoiled the texture of the city in recent years have affected the spirit of this view to some extent.

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