Top 5 Beaches of Antalya

In this article, we will share the 5 best beaches you should see in Antalya.

Kaputas Beach

Kaputas Beach, which is a natural protected area, is located on Kas Kalkan road. Parking space for private vehicles is very limited and vehicles park on shoulder on the highway.

There are regular minibus services between Kaş and Kaputaş Beach and Kaputaş Beach, Kalkan and Patara in the summer months. The beach is operated by Kaş Municipality. The beach has one of the neat and clean businesses in the region.

If you make yourself a list of things to do in life, add the item Swimming in Kaputaş Beach to this list.

If you have the opportunity to swim in this area, have your fins, goggles and snorkel with you. Even if you cannot do anything, do not miss a simple swimming goggles.

Phaselis Beaches

There are 3 bays around Phaselis Antique City, located in the coastal part of Beydağları Coastal National Park. These are the North Port, Military Port and South Port of the ancient city. When you enter the ancient city area, the first bay (left side) welcomes you. There is a smaller but very beautiful bay behind the aqueducts. You can reach the third largest bay through the ancient city or by following the “Beaches” sign on the right. This bay is one of the bays that are popular in sightseeing boats. There are seaside and ancient ruins in all three bays.

Phaselis bays meet the pristine, clear and deep blue Mediterranean among the red pine trees reaching the sea and form a magnificent view. In the bays where green and blue meet, the beaches are fine stony pebbles. Swimming in these ancient harbors, bays and beaches intertwined with history offers many people a different pleasure. Mediterranean seals are rarely encountered in these coasts. It is 59 km from Antalya, 29 km from Olympos and 15 km from Kemer.

Since it is located in the ancient city, entrance fee is charged. The museum buffet serves. There is a toilet in the area. It seems that there is a limited picnic opportunity while visiting the ruins and taking advantage of the beaches.

Damlatas and Cleopatra Beach

Damlatas and Cleopatra Beaches are Blue Flag and are located side by side on the west side of the Alanya Castle, on the historical peninsula at the entrance to Alanya.

Damlatas Beach is the shore in front of Damlatas Cave. It is based on the western skirts of the historical peninsula. It is famous for the Egyptian queen Cleopatra and the Roman Emperor Antonius swimming here. The small bay of the beach, which runs towards the peninsula and consists of large stones, is called Cleopatra. The feature of Cleopatra Sheep is the clarity of its water. It is possible to watch the fish and the natural beauty of the sea bottom very easily when swimming with sea glasses.

Cleopatra Beach, which starts right next to Damlataş Beach, is one of the most known, well-known and popular beaches of Alanya district. It has a length of about 2 km.

Both beaches are open to the public free of charge, and sun beds and umbrellas are chargeable. Many beach businesses also have reasonable fees.

Andrea Doria Cove

Andrea Doria Bay, named after Genoese Admiral Andrea Doria, is on the Finike – Demre Highway and about 3.2 km from Finike town center. Surrounded by cliffs, maquis and wild olives, Andrea Doria is the habitat where dark Caretta Carettas are fed. In addition, the bay is one of the places frequented by endangered Mediterranean Seals. Andrea Doria Bay, which was a pirate bed in history, is now a frequent destination for sightseeing boats.

The bay, which has a unique beauty with its unspoilt natural surroundings, is also known as Radyofor Bay. The bay is not visible from the highway because the roadside is covered with cypress trees. When you park your car on the roadside to enter the sea in the bay, please pay attention to the Police warnings about not leaving any special and valuable items in your car.

Olympos Beach

It is located in Olympos, Yazır Village of Antalya Kumluca District. The beach is reached by walking along the stream through the ancient city of Olympos, a port city. The long beach on the left side of the reached bay is Çıralı Beach, one of the spawning areas of Carettas. For those who will come with their own car, there are paid parking at the entrance of the Ancient City and free parking spaces in the hostels area.

From Antalya Bus Station to Kumluca, Finike or Kaş, you can come to the bus stop of Olympos with West Antalya and Çiçek Tur. You can come to Olympos by getting off at Olympus minibus stop. The distance between Antalya Olympus stop is 75 km and between Olympos stop and Olympos is 12 km. Its distance to Antalya is 87 km. Those who will come with their private vehicles (by Antalya) After the entrance of nÇıralı, they have to enter from the sign of Olympos on Antalya Kumluca Highway. Signs on the road will take you to the beach.

There is no cabin and shower facilities at Olympos Beach. The water canal on the road descending to the beach in the ancient city and the historical pool in front of it are used by the holidaymakers to cool off. Since the beach is located in the ancient city, entrance fee is charged. The entrance fee to the Ancient City (if you do not have a Museum Card) is 40.00 TL. (2019 August) Those staying for holidays in the region receive a weekly multiple entry card at a reasonable price

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