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Where is Press Museum? How to go to Press Museum? What is the history of Press Museum? What are the entrance fees for the Press Museum? You can find the answer to all these questions in this article and discover the Press Museum with us. Pleasant readings..

It was built by the Minister of Education Saffet Pasha in 1865 in a neo-classical style and was used in the services of the Ministry of Education and the Istanbul Darülfün. During his service as Darülfünun (in 1875), the International Painting Exhibition was opened here. II. It was used as a censorship building during the Abdulhamit period. It was transferred to Şehremaneti (Istanbul Municipality) in 1908. From 1908 to 1983, various departments of the Municipality served in this building.

Mayor’s term in 1983, and Abdullah Caterpillars (Turkey) Management Association of Journalists has agreed to serve as Press Museum at the end of talks in Kurulu’nunbirlik. It was restored between 1984-1988 and put into service on May 9, 1988.

Turkey Journalists Association Press Museum is one of Istanbul’s famous cultural and arts centers. Moreover, Turkey is the only museum in the world press has qualities superior from others. Press Museums in other countries either focus on press technology or contain works in the world of press and broadcasting.

Turkey Journalists Association Media Museum, as well as the superiority of this move in terms of museums, cultural events and art direction also brings even replace functions not performed by the state. Organizing various art works and various seminars with meetings such as conferences and panels are just a few of the activities of the Press Museum.

The Press Museum, consisting of 4 floors, is not only a culture and art center of the touristic surroundings of Sultanahmet – Çemberlitaş – Beyazıt, but also a leading source of pride in Istanbul.

Technological Nostalgia: It is possible to observe the evolution of press technology from the beginning in the halls of the Press Museum. You can make a nostalgic trip among lithography samples, flat printing machine, rotary letterpress entertype, proofing benches, guillotine, old typewriters, telexes, telephotos for free.

Visiting Days and Hours: It is open every day between 10.00-17.00 except Saturday – Sunday.

Fee: There is no entrance fee to the museum.

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