Patara Ancient City

Patara Ancient City

You will learn everything you wonder about Patara ancient city in our article. Where is the ancient city of Patara? How to get to the ancient city of Patara? Where is the ancient city of Patara?

The ancient city of Patara is one of the oldest settlements that are members of the Lycian union, 42 kilometers from Kaş. It has continued to be an important city throughout history, as it is the only place in the Xanthos valley that can sail. As a result of the excavations in Patara, the name of this city is mentioned as Pttara in the Lycian language in its inscriptions and coins.

Patara, BC As Lycia was controlled by the Seleucid Kingdom at the beginning of the 2nd century, it started to be accepted as the capital of Lycia. This situation becomes official when Patara gained autonomy against Rome and independence against Rhodos and Patara became the capital of the Lycian League. The city, which did not lose its importance after passing under Roman sovereignty, became a center where Roman governorships performed their judicial works. Preserving its importance as a naval base that Rome connected with the eastern provinces, Patara was one of the 6 cities that had 3 voting rights in the ancient period. The city, which continued its development in the Byzantine period, was considered an important place by Christians because of the fact that Saint Methodius, the first bishop of Lycia, who was the importance of the Orthodox world, died here, and Saint Nicholas, known as Santa Claus, was also Patara.

The reason why Patara is such an important port city; One of the 3 grain stores called Granarium in the Mediterranean was Patara. Valuable resources being this port caused the trade ships to be the most frequented place. Over time, the merchant ships began to have difficulty approaching as their bottom touched the sand. The ancient city was covered by the sand brought by the Eşen Stream and the wind, and began to lose its importance over time.

When you enter Patara Ancient City, Tepecik Cemetery, which is the necropolis of the period, appears. When you pass the cemetery, you come across a structure that is the only basilica of Patara. It is one of the earliest and biggest basilicas of Lycia with dimensions of 61 × 32 meters. One of the most important structures of the city that survives is the Modestus Triumphal Arch honoring Mettius Modestus and his family. This 19 × 10 meter triumphal arch was built during the Roman Emperor Traian period. We see this kind of victory jewelry in abundance in the Roman tradition.

As we mentioned, Patara was the most important of the six cities with three votes in the Lycian union. Therefore, the elders of the state gathered here and held their meetings in this council building. The parliament building, which has 21 rows of seats, had the capacity to accommodate 1400 people.

The theater, where gladiators and wild animal fights were held in the Roman period, is located in the south of the Parliament building. The theater has a capacity of about 6000 people.

Without going to Patara Beach, you can see the oldest lighthouse in history 650 meters west of the agora next to the parliament building. Neron Lighthouse, built in 60s AD, was removed from the sand in 2005 as a result of excavations.

You will love Patara beach with its yellow sand, which is one of the spawning centers of Caretta Carettas, which is famous for its world-renowned and is one of the spawning centers of Caretta Carettas, and you can come to Rio when you step into the beach.

One of the places you won’t want to leave when you go is “Patara”.

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