Naval Museum

Naval Museum

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Located in the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul, the sea museum is one of the most visited places by both foreign and local tourists every year. Turkey’s maritime museum of its kind in the largest maritime museum having, when the base is going artifacts found in one of the world’s leading museums.

History of the Naval Museum

In 1897, upon the request of Naval Minister Hasan Hüseyin Pasha, a marine museum was established in a small area in the Ottoman State Shipyard under the name of “Museum and Library Administration”. The building, which was not arranged at first, was opened to the exhibition as a museum depot. Cemal Pasha, who was appointed as Naval Officer in 1914, rushed to innovation in the museum as in other areas of maritime and brought Deniz Captain Painter Ali Sami Boyar to the directorate. Thanks to Ali Sami Boyar, who was appointed, the museum was rearranged scientifically. After the arrangement of the museum, Boyar established a “Ship Model Workshop and Moulage Modeling Workshop” and made an important contribution to the development of museums.

II. All the pieces in the museum were sent to Anatolia in order to protect the works during the times of World War II. After the war in 1946, it was decided to move the museum and artefacts back to Istanbul. Dolmabahçe Mosque Complex was chosen as the most suitable place for the museum under the conditions of the period, and it was reopened on September 27, 1948 with the contributions of the new museum director Haluk Şehsuvaroğlu after a two-year study. The naval museum moved to the tomb of the Turkish Admiral Captain-Derya Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha located in Beşiktaş Pier Square, approximately 13 years later.

Naval Museum Building Features

The museum, which has a 3-storey main exhibition building, has an area of approximately 1500 m². The building was used for the purpose of exhibiting 17 rooms and 4 large halls, and the halls were named after the wind directions. The naval museum displays navy clothes, manuscripts, ship models, banners, maps, reign boats, galleys, portolanes, paintings, tugras, navigational instruments, crests, ship’s head figures and weapons. At the entrance of the museum, there are educational playgrounds and souvenir areas for the younger visitors.

Naval Museum Departments

The maritime museum consists of 4 different sections and a collection of artifacts. There are historical galleys in the first section, reign boats in the second section, Atatürk boats in the third section and infantry boats in the fourth section. After seeing these works, you can see the Istanbul Yali works and read the heartbreaking story of the Ertuğrul Fıkrateyni return from Japan. Since the Naval Museum, which has a view of the Bosphorus and Beşiktaş Pier, is spread over a very large area, you need to allocate at least 2 hours in order to examine each piece longitudinally.

When looking at the floors in the first section in the main building of the Naval Museum, on the ground floor; There are Atatürk room, sea martyrs hall, ship nameplates, weapons hall, head figures of old ships, decorative wooden carvings, Crimean War room and Mahmudiye Kalyonu room. On the top floor; First World War Hall, Navy School Room, ship models, clothes room, Fatih Sultan Mehmed room, Turgut Reis room and Captain Derya Hızır Hayrettin Pasha room.

In the second part of the museum, the sultanate boats section; Sultan IV. Sultanate Galley, Mehmed’s boats, Sultan’s harem boats, infantry boats, multi-purpose boats, imperial crests, hardware materials belonging to the sailing ships, sultan’s throne and seat, Piri Reis’s South America Map and historical ship models are available. The third part of the maritime museum is used as an open-air museum. In this area; Tombstones, cannons, water bombs, inscriptions, beehives, various stone and metal artifacts, various ship parts and tugras from XVI, XVII, XVIII and XIX periods are on display.

Naval Museum Entry Hours

The Istanbul Maritime Museum, which is called live history with its 3742 works and more than 15,000 book collections, is visited by thousands of people every year. On Monday, you can visit the museum, which is closed on the first day of New Year and religious holidays, at other times between 09.00 and 17.00. Hours vary only between 10.00 and 18.00 in the summer period. The sea museum is 7 TL for adults and free for students.

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