Lycian Way

Lycian Way

It is a road from Fethiye to Antalya. It is a walking route created by marking and mapping some paths on the Teke peninsula, which was called Lycia in history. The Lycian way, which started its work in 1992, was opened in 1999 by Kate Clow.

How Many Km Is The Lycian Way?

First of all, the Lycian Way is the first long-distance walking path of our country for those who do not know. Until 2015, its length was 509 km. It was ending in Hisarçandır Village at that time, but with the newly added routes, its length reached 535 km and ends in Geyikbayırı. This historical walking route, starting from Fethiye and ending in Antalya, was created by marking and mapping some of the paths on the Teke Peninsula.

How Many Days Does The Lycian Way Walk Take?

It is very difficult to answer because this is entirely up to you. However, we can say that it was completed in an average of 21 days. You can base an average of 25 km per day. However, some days you can increase it to 40 kms and on other days you can reduce it to 6-8 kms. As such, you can finish it in 21 days.

Materials Required for Lycian Way Walk

Considering that the most important thing in trekking is body health, clothing materials with the appropriate comfort take the lead. You should also take your camping equipment with you, as you will be camping in some places. If we list it as follows; hiking boots (it is important that your wrist is closed rather than warm weather), water flask, whistle (if you leave or disappear from the group), pocket knife (you need every home), hat, windbreaker and raincoat, backpack, lip and sunscreen, hand flashlight and head lamp, sleeping bag, mat, first aid kit, durable pants and shorts, matches and of course the map.

Things That Will Work For You

We strongly recommend that you read Kate Clow’s book Lycian Way before you set off. The Lycian Way official mobile app, Lycian Way, is both free and Turkish. Moreover, it does not matter whether the internet is available or not because it works with GPS. This application is a guide with detailed maps, points of interest, places to stay, briefly detailed information about the Lycian Way. You can also join the group called “Lycian Way – Lycian Way” on Facebook. Here you can follow the sharing of people walking or help.

Attention to Water!

We thought it was necessary to open a separate parenthesis on the subject of water. Because some stages will be quite long and you will not find anywhere to provide water. On this route, water is very valuable. So you should make your water supply very well. We do not know how reliable, but you can get it from water treatment apparatus or powders that add mineral to the water. However, it is useful to investigate them well.

Campgrounds and Accommodation

Depending on the route you choose, you can stay in hostels and motels, or if you are lucky, you can be a guest at the villagers’ home. However, it is a fact that you will have to set up a tent. Of course, there is no particular campground that we can offer you. We should only aim to reach the place where you will camp 2 hours before the dark, we should be close to the water source, if possible, we recommend you to camp in a place where a tent has been established before. Let your tent setup be finished before it gets dark. A single piece of advice; According to the reports we have received, it is not recommended to set up a Gelidonya Lighthouse there. At night, scorpions were throwing javelin around. To tell us.

New Routes

Every year in May, the Lycian Way is overhauled by the Kate Clow Association team, sponsors and volunteer travelers. The paths are cleaned, controlled and signs are arranged. Municipalities are not empty, of course. They are adding new routes to grow such an ore. Hoyran, Çıtdibi and Geyikbayırı are three newly added routes to the Lycian Way. Particular attention was paid to passing new routes through the villages, so that the locals are also included in the tourism potential. The good thing is that those who walk on the Lycian Way can now stay in the villagers’ homes and enjoy the delicious village food.

The Most Beautiful View

Although it is quite relative, in our opinion, the most beautiful view on the Lycian Way belongs to the Gelidonya Lighthouse. The second one is, of course, the view of Ölüdeniz, which you will encounter 1 hour after the starting point. The views on the Demre route are always the crown of our heads. Whatever is the best view for you, you can leave it in the comment section.

Things To Pay Attention

That! Let’s pay attention to the water. Make sure your fitness is sound. Camping equipment, etc. Then you will walk on your back with a weight of 15 kilograms and climb up and down. Take energy-energizing foods with you, rather than canned foods. Also make sure that break places are actively working. After 15 km of road, don’t be hungry and thirsty. And if possible, set off with a group or guide.

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