Izmir Historical Elevator

Izmir Historical Elevator

You will find everything you wonder about Izmir’s historical elevator in our article. Information about Izmir historical elevator. Where is Izmir historical elevator? How to get to izmir historical elevator? When is Izmir historical elevator open.

Many lovers are spoken of the most important cities of our country and the pearl of the Aegean, the people living in Izmir for the locomotive city in every respect. Winking to a large fan base formed by those who want to settle in Izmir one day with different feelings from all over, Izmir is an important city for the tourism sector, as well as historical artifacts and touristic sights such as other big and historical cities. As with all kinds of works that can come to mind from its agora to the historical Kemeraltı Bazaar, it is one of the values it embraces for Izmir Historic Elevator.

Information About Izmir Historical Elevator

Izmir, which has been accommodating quite different cultures for years, shares the heritage of these cultures with its own people and visitors today, and the elevator is one of the most typical examples of this type of heritage. Jewish citizens, who are at the forefront of all kinds of activities of the city, are also important in the economic life of İzmir, a port and a commercial city. Many families still exist. The story of the elevator starts from such a family.

Izmir Historical Elevator construction, which is based on connecting two streets connected with the stairs made due to the height difference between each other, was built in 1907. During the development of the city, two streets with their current names, and the coastline and Halil Rıfat paşa district in the past were separated from each other due to the physical features coming from the past. The people of İzmir named the Karataş Stairs to the stairs made for the elimination of this separation and transportation. The 155-step stairs made for the elimination of this separation, where the use of the quarry from the depths of history was seen as the main reason.

Devidas family, which is the reason why it is called as the Devidas Ladder, devidas one day falls from the stairs and breaks the foot. At the point where the stairs descend, another Jewish Nesim Levi sits again. Nesim Levi plans to build an elevator here after this incident, and after a while, his construction is completed in 1907, and the two districts are now easily accessible.

Beach length and Halil Rıfat Paşa districts, which are 58 meters high and 155 steps apart, are now comfortable with the operation of the elevator. The income received continues to be used for the Jewish hospital in the region. Elevator, which changed hands in 1942, is operated by private operators after this date. The business, which continues in this way for a while, closes for some reason.

Izmir Historical Elevator, which has taken its present form with the restoration of 1985 and 1993 and Dario Moreno street reinforcement, both attracts attention with its characteristic of viewing terrace. It is not possible to come to Izmir and go without going to the Elevator. Seeing such an interesting structure and watching the Aegean and İzmir from above will be an important gain for your trip.

Izmir Historical Elevator Working Hours

You can visit the historical elevator, which is made to facilitate transportation between two streets in Izmir, every day of the week. You can have a pleasant time with this historical elevator. It is open to visitors between 08:00 and 00:00 in the morning.

Historical Elevator Entry Fee

This historical lift, which was paid when it was first opened, can now be visited free of charge.

Where İs Izmir Historical Elevator And How To Go?

Address: Turgut Reis, Şht. Nihatbey Cd. 76 / A, 03500 – Konak / Izmir

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