Izmir Clock Tower

Izmir Clock Tower

You will learn everything about izmir clock tower in our article. Where is Izmir Clock Tower? How to get to izmir clock tower? Information about Izmir Clock Tower. Izmir clock tower photos.

It is said that the green and red colored stones used in the architecture of the building were brought from Ephesus. The clock tower consists of 4 floors. In addition, this structure has an octagonal base. It is said that the octagonal base has a narrow area and there are offenders in this area.

There are sprinklers in the middle of the fountains and the belts of the fountains are horseshoes. Two of the dispensers have not survived to the present day. The fourth floor, the last floor of the tower, has a rather narrow structure. This floor was repaired after the earthquake.

Izmir Clock Tower History

The clock tower was built in the old years due to the expensive clocks. The Clock Tower is located in Konak district of Izmir. There are four fountains circularly around the tower. The watch is said to have stopped only once since its inception. It is said that the clock stopped as a result of the earthquake in Izmir in 1974. Therefore, it is known that the historical time stops at the time of the earthquake. After two years after the earthquake, the tower was repaired. The clock was restarted after the repair.

When Was Izmir Clock Tower Built?

It is located in Konak district of Izmir. It is said to have the same name as the work. II. It was built after Abdulhamit ascended the throne. It was built by Grand Vizier Mehmet Said Pasha in the 25th anniversary of the throne. The architect who built the building is the architect who built the German Consulate building.

Izmir Clock Tower For What Purpose Was It Built

The prices of old clocks are shown to be high as the purpose of the tower. When the tower was built, it had an Ottoman monogram. It is also said that there are signs from the Ottoman period in the tower. However, these marks were later removed. Its purpose in removing the signs is said to be to show that the young Republic started.

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