Gorgeous Blue: SALDA LAKE

Gorgeous Blue : SALDA LAKE

Where is Lake Salda? How do I go to Salda Lake? What are the beauties of Lake Salda? You can find all the information about Lake Salda below.

You should definitely visit Salda Lake, which is one of the places where everyone with a turquoise passion must drop their way. The waters of Salda, which is a crater lake, start from the glass core and is colored in indigo blue in the deepest places. It also has such a mysterious side. Its blue is very beautiful, as its dish is formed by a volcanic eruption. With a depth of 184 meters is one of Turkey’s deepest lake.

Of course, the mystery of Salda does not end in its deep waters; Lake Salda has the characteristics of Mars. Salda has coasts similar to white rock. You think it is a rock from afar, but when you pick it up, you see that there is a white residue that becomes easily pulpating. This situation is thought to be similar to Salda million years ago because the structures, which are referred to as stromatolic rocks in science, are also encountered on Mars. You know that there are traces on Mars that indicate that there were streams and lakes.

Since the atmosphere of Mars is 100 times thinner than Earth, over time, the water on Mars evaporated and these rock structures remained. Salda lake is one of the two places where this type of rock formations occur. the other is somewhere in Canada. These stromatolic structures are thought to be a waste produced by a bacteria resistant to extreme conditions, and may be the first example of extraterrestrial life if this type of resistant bacteria has somehow adapted to conditions in drying Mars.

It is a wintering and breeding ground for many bird species in the lower basin of Salda, such as coot, elmabaş patka, mallard, and teal. It is one of the important wintering areas of the endangered duckwort (Oxyura leucocephala), which is endangered worldwide.

In addition to plant and bird species, it is also important for inland fish. Three fish species endemic to Anatolia live in the area. Aphanius anatoliae, an endangered species on a world scale, is one of these species.

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