Gobeklitepe – Sanliurfa

 Although the discovery date of Göbeklitepe, which led to the opening of new pages in history and necessitated the modification of some information accepted for hundreds of years, the first excavations started in 1995. There are multiple temples in this place, which is not used as a settlement but serves only religious purposes. In this respect, it is considered not only the oldest but also the largest worship center in the world.


The forms of the monumental structures, which are thought to be the center of belief and pilgrimage of the Neolithic Age, have been determined by geomagnetic measurements although 6 of them have been unearthed until today. The oldest paintings engraved on stone in the Neolithic Age, painted on T-shaped columns up to 6 meters in length, and some three-dimensional animal depictions reveal the artistic talent of our ancestors. Professor who carried out excavations here for 20 years. Dr. Klaus Schmidt asserts that these columns, which are T-shaped and some of them are hand and fingers, represent human figures. It is possible to see some of the finds from the excavations at the Sanliurfa Museum.


Although Göbeklitepe provides a lot of new information, unresolved questions about the finds continue to poke the scientists’ minds. Who are the builders of these temples, how the columns weighing 60 tons were moved and erected here, why they were buried with tons of earth and stones, the exact purpose of the temples, the mysteries that are waiting to be answered and will probably require years of research. The only thing that is certain is that all these studies will continue to contribute to the history of mankind and to change all that has been written so far.


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