Fethiye Museum

Where is Fethiye Museum? How to go to Fethiye Museum? What is the history of Fethiye Museum? What are the entrance fees for the Fethiye Museum? You can find the answer to all these questions in this article and discover the Fethiye Museum with us. Pleasant readings..

The Fethiye Museum was first started to be created in 1962, after the earthquake in 1957, with works collected from the reconstructed city and its surroundings. Later, the Fethiye Museum, which started to serve in its present location in 1987, was founded and the works compiled from Fethiye and its surroundings started to be exhibited in two halls, archaeological and ethnographic.

In the archeology section, where a large part of the works exhibited consists of ceramic group works, in chronological order. Sculptures, sculpture heads, artifacts consisting of ceramics, glass, metal and coins are exhibited. In addition, the archeology section, which contains important inscriptions about the history of the region and the culture of the region, includes inscriptions such as the works from Tlos and Kaunos Ancient Cities, and the Trilingual Inscription, which provides important information about the region’s history and regional culture. Another important work of the museum is the “Kumrulu Young Girl Statue” and the two women statue next to it. The dummy girl statue is about the culture of Artemis and it is important in terms of showing that there was an Artemis temple in the city in the ancient period.

In the ethnography hall of the museum, there are various hand woven samples, handicrafts, caftans, three skirts and silver jewelery. Also in this section, the dastar workbench made of active wood with all its units is exhibited.

In the open space of the Fethiye Museum, Izraza Monument, which is a product of Lycian culture, is exhibited in large stone blocks, sarcophagi and tombs.

Visiting Hours: Every day of the week

April 15-October 2: 09.00-19.00

October 3 – April 14: 08.00-17.00

Where is Fethiye Museum?

Kesikkapı Mahallesi, 505. Sokak No: 4, 48300 Fethiye / Muğla

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