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Where is Ataturk Museum? How to go to Ataturk Museum? What is the history of Ataturk Museum? What are the entrance fees for the Ataturk Museum? You can find the answer to all these questions in this article and discover the Ataturk Museum with us. Pleasant readings..

It was built as a house by carpet merchant  Takfor Efendi in 1875-1880. The Turkish army that entered İzmir used this place as headquarters. When Atatürk came to the city for the Izmir Economic Congress, which convened on February 12, 1923, he stayed for the first time in this house and continued his meetings and personal works here. On October 13, 1926, the building was purchased by İzmir Municipality and some new items were placed and given to Atatürk. Atatürk came to İzmir five times between 1930-1934 and stayed in this house every time he came. After the death of Atatürk on 10 November 1938, the house, which was inherited to his sister Makbule Baysan, was expropriated by İzmir Municipality on 25 September 1940 to be a museum. It was opened as a museum on September 11, 1941, which coincided with the 19th anniversary of Atatürk’s arrival in İzmir.

Since October 5, 1962, the building, which was renamed as Atatürk Provincial Library and İzmir City Atatürk Museum, was transferred to İzmir Archeology Museum by the Ministry of Finance on 28 December 1972. It was restored on 29 October 1978 and opened to visitors as a museum of Atatürk and Ethnography. After the ethnographic works were moved to the new Ethnography Museum opened in 1988, the museum, known as the Atatürk Museum, underwent a new restoration between 1999-2001 and opened its doors to visitors again in 2002.

The museum, which is a neoclassical building mix between Ottoman and Levantine architecture, consists of basement, ground floor, first floor and attic. It is a stone-built building with a rectangular plan, with a back facade, a courtyard, covering an area of ​​852 square meters. There are marble sculptures, a large crystal mirror, Atatürk painting and Atatürk bust in the left and right niches. Among the double-sided marble stairs leading to the first floor, the boat Ataturk rides when he comes to Izmir is exhibited. There are two bronze knight statuettes that serve as sconces at the top of the stairs. There are two sitting groups in the living room.

The bathroom has a bathtub, five chairs, a mirrored console, and two ewels with Atatürk’s bathrobe and towel. The bedroom is decorated with mahogany bed, mirror console, two sculptures, two bedside tables, two velvet armchairs, a sofa, a chaise lounge, a marquise and two mirrored wardrobes. There is a writing set, an ashtray and a telephone used by Atatürk on the oak-covered work table in the study room. The room also features four leather-covered chairs, two guest seats and three cabinets. There are 10 chairs, service table and two mirrored consoles around a mahogany table in the dining room. In the library, where 408 French (1840-1913) monthly encyclopedias, as well as books about Atatürk are exhibited, there are 10 small mahogany chairs and two snake ceramic vases on the tile plates on their backs, where scenes from Shakespeare’s works are animated. The halls and rooms furnished according to the fashion of that day are decorated with bronze, cast statues, vases and oil paintings of western origin.

Visiting hours:

The museum serves between 08.00-19.00 in the summer period and between 08.30-18.30 in the winter period and is open every day of the week. The museum is closed until 13:00 on the first day of religious holidays.

Entries are free.

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