Amintas King Tombs

Where is Amintas King Tombs? How to go to Amintas King Tombs? What is the history of Amintas King Tombs? What are the entrance fees for the Amintas King Tombs? You can find the answer to all these questions in this article and discover the Amintas King Tombs with us. Pleasant readings..

Amintas King Tombs are tombs carved into the rocks dating from the 4th century BC in the center of Fethiye. Amintas King Tombs, which were built during the Lycian period, were built in the Ionian style and by carving a single piece of rock. It was built in memory of King Amintas, who is thought to be the ruler of the city of Telmessos. These are the most important remnants of the ancient city of Telmessos belonging to the Lycian civilization.

The majority of the artifacts unearthed here are now on display at the British Museum in England. The amazing Fethiye Gulf and Knight Island views can be seen from Amintas, which is reached with a hundred steps. The graves carved into the natural rock can be easily seen from the plain below. As you get closer, “Herpamiasoğlu amintas” is written in the middle of the column on the left of the cemetery area where the admiration against the size will increase.

Fethiye Amintas Rock Tombs

Rock tombs, which are also found in many regions of Anatolia, are monumental tombs built for people with high status in the society at the time they were built. The monumental tombs, which have varieties such as temple type and house type, were made for people called god kings, to worship after their deaths. The graves, carved from the top, form the most valuable ancient ruins of our country.

There are many rock tombs, 3 of which are of temple type and the others reflect civil architecture, built on a steep rocky slope to the south of Fethiye where many sarcophagus tombs are worth seeing. The tomb of Amnitas, son of Harpapos, one of the three tombs of this temple type and the most magnificent among others, is generally known as the Fethiye King Tombs.

Amnitas, which is stronger than the other two graves, is a carved grave that exceeds 3 m in the northwest of Telmessos Ancient City. It is known that the body of Amnitas was found in the past in the tomb, which is 1.5 km from Fethiye Harbor, to the left of the room inside this huge-sized grave, which is large enough to fit in human beings.

The grave, which has a rectangular, wooden beams and carvings with a gothic arched cover on its two floors, is surrounded by frescoes depicting wars on both sides of the cover. These are thought to be related to one’s life.

Telmessos Fethiye

The tombs built on the old city of Telmessos, in ancient times, Telmessos was called the city of prophets by the people of that period. Today, it is possible to see the ruins of Telmessos in the region, which was established in a wide area extending from the skirts of the mountain where Fethiye rests on the back to the bay.

On the other hand, there are ruins of a castle supposedly built by the Knights of St. John in the Acropolis of Telmessos on the hill rising to the south of the city. If you go up the hill, you can see the ruins of the city walls, the cistern and the small rock tombs on the east side of the hill.

How to get to Amintas King Tombs?

Transportation to the Amintas King Tombs is easily provided by walking or by public transportation in the city center.

Amintas visiting hours: 7 days a week

April 15-October 2, 09.00-20.00

October 3-April 14, 08.00-17.00

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