Antalya Tourism Getting Ready After Coronavirus

Hotels that host millions of tourists in Antalya are perfectly prepared for the new season after the coronavirus epidemic. While some hotels highlight their planned renovations and restorations, the sun loungers at the poolside and the tables in the restaurants and chairs in the assets have been prepared in accordance with the social distance.

All over the world while still under the influence of space Covid-19 pandemic, the tourism industry after outbreaks as you speedily hazırlanıyor.bil period Covid-19 gave a lot of damage to the tourism turkey. However, Turkey wrap their wounds. In hotels in tourism regions such as Kundu, Kadriye and Belek, places from pool to restaurant, from rooms to entertainment venues are overhauled and new arrangements are made to ensure a healthy distance.

The most important issue in renovation is hygiene. Touristic facilities, which previously renewed the carpeted floor completely and laid antibacterial floors, also cover the walls of the rooms with antibacterial wallpaper. The sun loungers at the poolside and the tables in the restaurants were prepared in accordance with the social distance. In addition, sun loungers are disinfected one by one before the season. Some facilities installed a thermal camera at the hotel entrance. In addition, the bathtubs in the bathrooms were removed and a walk-in shower was placed. In the buffet restaurant, where 2 thousand people had the opportunity to eat at the same time, changes were made to the tables. At the tables where 4 people can eat at the same time last season, 2 people will be able to eat. In order to prevent losses in tourism, Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy announced that they will apply a certificate program to the hotels, and facilities that comply with the rules can accept guests from mid-May.

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