Girls Monastery

Where is Girls Monastery? How to go to Girls Monastery? What is the history of Girls Monastery? What are the entrance fees for the Girls Monastery? You can find the answer to all these questions in this article and discover the Girls Monastery with us. Pleasant readings..

Girls Monastery is located in the south of the city, on a high area in the north of Boztepe. The building, according to written sources, between 1349-1390, III. It was built during the reign of Alexios. The building was also known as the Theotokos Theoskepastos Monastery and the Panaghia Theotocos Monastery. It was built completely inside the rocks with its monastery church and courtyard. The building, which is in the east-west direction, has surrounding walls in the north, east and west directions. Cut stone and rubble stone material were used in the building built with the masonry system.

There are units such as monk cells, church, chapel, bell tower, library, dining and gathering hall in the monastery. The monks’ cells are located in the north of the monastery. There are two courtyards in the building, which is located on the slope of the land. There is a rock church to the south of the first courtyard, and a chapel to the southeast of the second courtyard to the east. Entrance to the monastery is provided from the west. The entrance door is round arched, double winged and iron. There are grooved milk ducks on both sides of the door. The bell tower located in the west of the first courtyard is placed on four columns. The church in the building has a single nave and a single apse. There is a lighthouse in the middle of the upper cover in the east direction. There are window openings in the lantern section. There are intense frescoes in the building that have reached today. It has a narthex. Inside the church, III. There are frescoes of Alexios’ wife Theodora and his mother Eirene. The chapel in the second courtyard has a single nave and a single apse. Its entrance on the west facade is rectangular. Its top cover has not survived. The tomb, located in the southwest, belongs to the Metropolitan Costantios, who died in 1879. In the original, four columns rising on the plinth formed round arches, and only the pedestal and pillars have survived from the hipped roof structure. The buildings have windows in different forms such as round, flattened and rectangular shaped windows. The top covers of the buildings are now hipped roofs and covered with Alaturka tiles.


Where is the Girls’ Monastery, How to Go?

Girls Monastery, which is in the center of Trabzon, is located in Boztepe District. Since it is in the center of Trabzon, you will not have any transportation problems. Whether your personal vehicle or minibus, etc. you can reach with. While you were there, after your visit to the Girls’ Monastery, you can go to Boztepe, which has a bird’s eye view of Trabzon and sit in the tea gardens or restaurants there.

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