Gaziantep Game and Toy Museum

Where is Gaziantep Game and Toy Museum? How to go to Gaziantep Game and Toy Museum? What is the history of Gaziantep Game and Toy Museum? What are the entrance fees for the Gaziantep Game and Toy Museum ? You can find the answer to all these questions in this article and discover the Gaziantep Game and Toy Museum with us. Pleasant readings..

Opened in Turkey’s Gaziantep Bey Quarter 4th toy museum titles with Gaziantep Games and Toy Museum, when exhibited considering the quality of the toy and children, is a museum with toys at a level that will appeal to both adults.

In these years when we are influenced by technology, especially in the toy museum, which will revive the memories of adults and remind of its past, the stories of toys are just as impressive. An example of the fact that women who had a hard time in Germany during the war period extended their hair and sold them for use in dolls.

Let’s give some information about Gaziantep Toy Museum. In April 2013, Turkey’s first toy museum founder Sunay opened to visitors Akin Consultants in Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and 1700 to 1970 and close to 600 were produced between the toy museum exhibiting the oldest toy in the 1700s to feed your pet at home It is a wooden rabbit produced at the insistence of the children of families who do not want it.

On the first floor of the museum, there are toys of Turkish toy manufacturers such as Fatoş, Gürel, Alasya, Nekur, Bilge, Dündar İnşaat. The room with the toys of cartoon, theater, cinema and fairy tale heroes is called the cinema room. Pinocchio, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Stone Age, Ghostbusters, Charlie Chaplin, and Mickey Mouse toys are among the toys on display.
In the area where there are toys with kitchen and social life themes, there are toys that describe the daily home life with porcelain tea sets, kitchen and bathroom materials.
On the 2nd floor of the museum, the first toys of the toy history are exhibited. Lehmann toys, the first German toy brand, doll houses, first puzzles and real-haired dolls are on display. Plush toys section includes plush toys produced between 1900 and 1980. The first production of Barbie doll, Japanese monkey plush and Teddy Bear are among the toys on display.

On the rooftop, near-term toys are on display. Apollo space shuttle, Star Trek series model, various robots, ships and planes are among the toys in this gallery.
While the Gaziantep Game and Toy Museum was being restored, the two-storey cave, which appeared on the basis of the house, was also opened to visitors. Along with these caves, it was the first toy museum with double caves in the world. Gaziantep Toy Museum. In the cave exhibition hall, a section with children dressed in national clothes from 24 different countries and the architectural structures of the countries to which it belongs has been created.

not only around the world, from Turkey, as shown above it is possible to see different toys. In the Cities for Children conference in Germany in 2008, the first time a city in Turkey, Friendly Cities For Children are given the title. There are children’s sculptures at the entrance of the thin and long museum. One of those who play hide and seek counts as a midwife, the other looks at him from a distant corner. Two other kids are playing hand clapping. In the same place, Sinbad watches the children on the flying carpet.

Enteramce fee for the Gaziantep Game and Toy Museum is free.

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