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Where is Antalya Toy Museum? How to go to Antalya Toy Museum? What is the history of Antalya Toy Museum? What are the entrance fees for the Antalya Toy Museum? You can find the answer to all these questions in this article and discover the Antalya Toy Museum with us. Pleasant readings..

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality launched one of the most important cultural projects, the Antalya Toy Museum, on April 23, 2011, when Atatürk was gifted to children.

Researchers, poets, writers and Turkey’s first toy museum, the Istanbul Toy Museum’s founder Sunay Akin in consultation opened museum, children up to adults as well fairytale getting into the world of childhood and the drifting into the right magical journey. Opening a toy museum in the city where Santa Claus, who distributes toys to the whole world, has a special meaning.

From the 1860s to the 1980s, the museum contains about 3 thousand toys worth of antiques, and domestic and foreign production toys are exhibited. In addition to the toy samples produced by the first factories that emerged after the industrial revolution, the rare examples of dolls houses in the museum, which includes the most outstanding examples of toy history, attract the attention of visitors.

Sunay Akın’s adventure with toys started with the Toy Museum, where she traveled in Nuremberg, Germany, where she went years ago. He was so impressed by this museum that the wheeled horse he bought from an antique store in Berlin was his museum’s first toy. Later, he established his museum with the toys he bought from antique dealers at auctions in the countries he visited. The toys in the Antalya Toy Museum are also examples of these toys that Sunay Akın collected for our museum.

A paper ship welcomes you at the entrance of the museum located in Kaleici Yacht Harbor. This paper ship, which is also the symbol of the Antalya Toy Museum, has a special importance for the civilization and culture coming from the sea. The interior designs of the museum, established on an area of ​​approximately 700 m2, bear the signature of performing arts designer Ayhan Doğan. Ten thousand people visited the Antalya Toy Museum in the first two weeks. Despite the fact that the promotion and announcement studies have not been done yet, the fact that he received so much attention shows how correct the work is.

The first known toys in history belong to Egyptians according to archaeological remains. In the 5th century BC, Egyptian children played with wooden horses, and in the 2nd century BC, with spinning and marbles. Mass production of toys started in the 18th century, especially in the mid-1800s and early 1900s, with the Industrial Revolution in Europe, the technological, socio-economic and cultural development movement also showed its effect in the world toy market. The Antalya Toy Museum also has the opportunity to see the toys produced after this development movement. In addition, toys produced by our country’s children until 1980’s take place in the museum.

Apart from being a place to be visited, the Toy Museum will also operate as a cultural and educational center that constantly renews itself, workshops for children and women, and exhibitions and seminars will be held. The museum, which has a separate study center for this, also has an amphitheater for 500 people for outdoor activities.

Antalya Toy Museum, which is also an important part of President Mustafa Akaydın’s project of keeping tourism alive for 12 months, will also contribute to Antalya, the tourism capital, in terms of diversity. It is also an excitement and happiness to see the tourists visiting the museum in a museum thousands of kilometers away from their own culture and the toys they played in their childhood.

Museum; It is open between 9.30-18.30, 6 days a week, except Monday.

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