57th Regiment Martyrdom

Where is 57th Regiment Martyrdom? How to go to 57th Regiment Martyrdom? What is the history of 57th Regiment Martyrdom? What are the entrance fees for the 57th Regiment Martyrdom? You can find the answer to all these questions in this article and discover the 57th Regiment Martyrdom with us. Pleasant readings..

57th Regiment Martyrdom and Monument, designed by architect Nejat Dinçel; It was built by the Ministry of Culture on 12 December 1992 on the road to Kabatepe-Conkbayırı, at the southern end of Kılıçbayır. During the war, foreign soldiers called here “Chess Board”. This new martyrdom is symbolic. Real martyrdom is located in the Çataldere Valley, on the southern end of Bomb Ridge. Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Hüseyin Avni Bey19. The 57th Regiment attached to the Division is the Turkish forces that first welcomed and repelled the Anzac soldiers advancing on the Arıburnu Front on the first day of foreign forces removal. For the first time on this front, the leadership and courage characteristics of the 19th Division Commander Lieutenant Colonel Mustafa Kemal appeared.

“I order you to die, not offensive.” Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

The 57th Regiment Martyrdom consists of a fountain, an open prayer hall, a main cemetery and a monument. The main material used in the martyrdom; It is Kevser stone, which is generally used in Seljuk and Ottoman caravanserais. It is an opening on the east wall on the side of the Kabatepe-Conkbayırı road. Right next to the entrance, she was figured with her granddaughter’s hand. While Turkey’s oldest veteran Eylül1994’T to 10, made from 108-year-old who died Kaçmaz’ınbronz There is a statue of Hussein. Right across the entrance, there is a relief on the east wall of the martyrdom showing the counterattack of the 57th Regiment on 25 April 1915. The relief covers an area of ​​approximately 45 m².

Two skeletons were found side by side during the construction of the martyrdom. It was determined that one of the dog tags found next to the skeletons belongs to Captain Woister and the other to the 57th Regiment, 6th Division Commander, Lieutenant Mustafa Asım Bey. these two officers skeletons were buried in the front of the monument at the northern end of the martyrdom, where they were first found.

Şadırvan and open prayer are located on the south side of the martyrdom. It is an arched entrance of the main cemetery part of the martyrdom and the pedestrian path starting from this entrance ends at the north wall. Above the north wall that forms the base of the monument, there are marble plates with the names of 57th Regiment Martyrs.

Where and how to go to 57th Regiment Martyrdom?

It is located in Kanlısirt on the Gallipoli Peninsula. You can reach here from the city center of Çanakkale by ferry service.

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