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As one of the hidden corners of the earth, Yuvarlakcay is one of the rare places to breathe especially among the scorching heat of summer months. The favorite place of those who want to enter the ice-cold waters, find endless peace in the flow of tea, in short, embracing nature, Yuvarlakcay is a destination where you can make a wonderful weekend plan with your loved ones.

Information About Yuvarlakcay

The popularity of Yuvarlakcay in Köyceğiz has increased significantly, especially in the last few years. The cute region of the South Aegean is located around an icy stream. If we say ice cold, it is not the arrival of the word, even putting your feet here is a real courage. In waters that have a temperature of around 6-7 degrees, people can insert their feet after at least 3-4 attempts. There are many swings that are built just above the tea. Feeling that refreshment over a few meters is a great joy in the days approaching the desert heat. The most important reason why the water is so cold is that it is fed by the snow waters coming from Mount Sandras.

With the influence of social media, the famous Yuvarlakcay, whose fame spreads every year, is visited by many people not only from the center of Mugla but also from the surrounding provinces. After slowly warming to Circus, do not return home without having a jumping experience. The swings on the tea are also made by restaurants to make the jump in a more colorful format. We can say that jumping on the swing over the tea has become a ritual for this place. During these jumps, you can often witness screaming sounds. Another feature of Yuvarlakcay is that it has a flow rate of 3500 liters per second. There are a few unnatural waterfalls on the stream. These waterfalls make the region much more enjoyable. Recently, the region has been brought to the agenda with hydroelectric power plant projects. Local people showed a great reaction in order to protect Yuvarlakcay from such initiatives. The future of the region is not known; but those who come here are sure to have a great time.

Yuvarlakcay Breakfast

Yuvarlakcay is a unique place especially for breakfast. A significant majority of the businesses already in the region keep their breakfast menus active without exception until noon. There are also places established only on the theme of breakfast. Although it is a touristic place, breakfast menus are also at a reasonable level.

Yuvarlakcay Restaurants

There are a total of around 20 restaurants around Yuvarlakcay. As you can imagine, eating in a place with such natural beauty is a different pleasure. It is forbidden to sit wet on the mattresses in restaurants, it is useful to pay attention to this detail. Located in the shade of sycamore trees and right under the stream, these wonderful restaurants offer a wide choice. We can count Yeşilvadi Restaurant, Topgözü Pınar Restaurant and Defne Restaurant among the restaurants that come to the fore in the round.

Where is Yuvarlakcay?

Yuvarlakcay is located in Köyceğiz district of Muğla province. It is 85 km away from the center of Mugla. It is 77 km from Marmaris and 71 km from Akkaya.

How to go to Yuvarlakcay?

It will be very easy for those who get off at Dalaman Airport to arrive at If you continue by car from Ortaca direction, you will have to continue without interruption until the turn of Beyoba. By the way, there are many hotels and pensions close to the place where the tea is located. By staying in the area for a few days, you can fully enjoy the round tea.

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