Yediler Monastery

Yediler Monastery

You will learn everything you wonder about Milas Yediler Monastery in our article. Where is Milas Yediler Monastery? How to Go Milas Yediler Monastery? Information about Milas Yediler Monastery. Photos of Milas Yediler Monastery. Transportation to Milas Yediler Monastery.

One of the important historical places of Milas is the Yediler Monastery. If you like to visit historical places, it is a historical place that you must see. Kellibaron, which is estimated to be built in the 7th century after Christ, is known as Milas Yediler Monastery. Yardı Monastery is located on the south side of Beşparmak Mountains in Balas Town of Milas, within the borders of Gölkaya Village.

You can go to Yediler Monastery, which has more than a thousand years of history, and make an impressive time travel. The Yardı Monastery, where you enter the courtyard surrounded by olive trees, is truly fascinating.

You can reach the monastery with a walk of about three hours. Though its transportation is so difficult, it is visited by thousands of tourists every year. The road offers you magnificent natural beauty. Especially the view of Lake Bafa is magnificent. The region is full of places that Christians consider sacred. Caves with the oldest human depictions of world history found by German archaeologists make the region very important. That’s why it attracts great attention of foreign tourists.

There are church and castle ruins in Yediler Monastery. Especially in a rock hollow of about 5 meters, Hz. The fresco with Jesus and his 12 disciples is great. With more than a thousand years of history, fresco defies the years. There are minor distortions, but still fascinating.

Yediler Monastery was built on three different levels due to the steepness of the land. The perimeter walls are not continuous because they are cut by large rocks. That’s why the courtyard has been raised every time. There are three small churches, two below and one above. The South Church has a single nave with an elongated narthex to the west. The church to the east of this church is also a single nave, but only traces of the church have survived. Another important structure of the lower monastery is trapeze and three side places are lined. There is a single nave church in the upper monastery, which Peschlow calls “Shelter Castle”. Eleven barrel vaulted cells were built from the west side to the north of this monastery.

It is known that there was also a manuscript workshop in the 12th century. Nevertheless, we do not have much information about Yediler Monastery. When all three churches of the monastery are examined, we cannot define any of them as the main church of the monastery, namely Kathalikon.

It can be understood that the structure of Yediler Monastery was built in the style of a castle. Defense design was given importance since the threat of enemy attacks was high at that time.


 Address: Gölyaka Village Milas / Muğla

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