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Geography where Turkey is located, with its natural beauty and is very rich with natural elements region. So much so that even the slightest view that can be seen reminds us of the mind-blowing world of nature. Yanartaş, located in Antalya, is one of the most important examples of this with its natural flames.


Yanartas, which is a part of the mystery of nature, is located in the northwest of Çıralı, 55 kilometers south of Antalya. You can reach Yanartaş and Olympos when you deviate from the village of Ulupınar in the direction of Antalya – Kumluca.

                The secret of Yanartas

It is believed that these rocks, which the local people briefly called “Lights up”, have been burning for centuries and never disappeared. As it is understood immediately, the name comes from here. Studies show how rocks burn during this very long time: The source of this flame is methane gas. Gas leaking from underground burns rocks here. Yanartaş has confused scientists, especially for a long time. Because the geological situation here did not have the qualities to form a methane gas.

                Mystery solved by Giuseppe Etiope

Although the view that Yanartas did not have the qualities to source a methane gas continued for a long time, things have changed recently. Geologist Giuseppe Etiope from the Roman National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology illuminated this issue: The ruthenium element located just below the surface of Yanartas acts as a catalyst for methane gas. In other words, ruthenium is a source of methane gas.

                Yanartas in Greek mythology

Yanartas, which is located in an ancient city like Olympos, is of course an important part of classical Greek culture: Zeus has a competition among his sons on Mount Olympus. Herakles, son of Zeus, comes first in the competition and Yanartas is used in the ignition of the Olympic torch.

                Homer Legend

One of the most rooted stories of Yanartaş, which is the subject of many famous thinkers and travelers in different ages, is the legend of Homer. According to this; Hipponoes, son of Glaukos, king of Ephyra, hunts with his brother Belleros, accidentally killing Belleros. Hipponoes, who lost himself from the remorse of conscience, takes refuge in Tipins king because he has to flee his country. The handsome Hipponoes slanders the Queen Hipponoes and complains to his wife when he rejects the queen, despite being wished by the wife of the Tipins king. The king then sends Hipponoes to Lobates, the father-in-law of the Lycian king, and explains the situation with a letter. On top of that, Lobates orders the monster named Chimera (Çıralı), whose head is a lion, the body is a goat, the tail is a snake, and it constantly produces flames from its mouth, to kill Hipponoes. Here is Yanartas in the legend of Homer; It is Chimera that constantly releases flames from its mouth.

                Depiction of Evliya Celebi

Yanartas, seen by different authors, is a piece of nature where Evliya Celebi is also affected. celebi said this region: ‘The ships coming from Egypt and Cyprus at night see these alis hundreds of miles away, they know that they are in peace, they are happy. This is a miracle, if there is a man next to the fires, another fire will appear. If there are two, three or ten men, that much fires will appear. It has a smell like sulfur. However, it does not harm the human body, and when people watching it, the previous fires remain, the fires that come out later disappear. ”

                Yanartas at Night

Yanartas, where you can see and be fascinated in all seasons and time zones, does not have any nice hour alternatives. Visitors, especially the locals, usually come at night. But it should not be forgotten that you must have a flashlight on the forest road to Yanartas.

                What can be done in Yanartas

  • Yanartas is the name of a hill in Çıralı. The flames here multiply after rainy times; because the number of channels where the gases come out is increasing depending on the rain water. Those who want to see strong flames, keep this information in mind.
  • Yanartas is about 4 km from Cirali. You can continue up to a point by car.
  • It is not easy to climb the hill where Yanartas is located. You will probably sweat. Having quality walking shoes and spare t-shirts with you is very useful for you.
  • Flame pits offer absolutely spectacular views at night. The ideal hours for Chimera trip are the moments when the weather starts to darken.
  • There is no fire from some caves in Yanartas. but gas continues to emerge from such cavities. Therefore, be very careful if you are going to light a fire.
  • Daily Yanartas tours are also organized from Antalya. By participating in such tours, you can discover Yanartas and enjoy natural beauties. Without forgetting, there are many other natural wonders and historical places that can be seen in the Yanartas region.

                How Much is Cirali Yanartas Entrance Fee?

The entrance fee to Yanartaş is 10 TL as of 2019.

 Here you can also rent big lanterns for 20 TL, 15 TL of which is a deposit. Because the phone’s light may not be enough here. If you did not take a lantern with you, you can consider renting.



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