Turgut Waterfall

Turgut Waterfall

You will learn everything you wonder about Turgut Waterfall in our article. Where is Turgut Waterfall? How to Go Turgut Waterfall? Information about Turgut Waterfall. Turgut Waterfall entrance fee. Is Turgut Waterfall water cold? Turgut Waterfall photos.

In the list of places to visit in Selimiye, Turgut Waterfall is the closest distance. If you say how many kilometers between Marmaris Turgut waterfall, it is about 60 kilometers. Since I went from Selimiye, I covered a distance of approximately 11 kilometers, which took 20 minutes. There is no problem in your way. It even had a nicer path than most places I’ve explored so far. You can come here with your own car or with open-top tourist cars. I mean jeep safari event. I do not recommend but you know anyway.

The thing to be aware of is that you should go before 11 am. Afterwards, it comes to such a crowded group with huge vehicles that carry 10 open-top tourists for 10 people. I was able to enjoy it because I went by chance early but after that it was so full that I was surprised at what I was going through. There wasn’t even a place to put a car. As I said, you traveled before those convoys arrived, or even walking becomes difficult.

Turgut Waterfall Fee

Is the waterfall worth seeing? I think it should be seen. It is useful to see that you have come there. Its water is cool and clear. A small pond has been formed in the last reach, and you can swim there. Turgut Waterfall entrance fee is not available as of 2018. I don’t know if it used to exist, but when I went there was no claimant.

Turgut Waterfall Facilities

The place has a buffet and a small restaurant. Since I went after breakfast in the morning, I did not prefer to eat. The return of the waterfall may be freezing and a little breathing. Turgut Waterfall is a suitable place for camping, but I could not get an idea of whether it was allowed or not. As long as the tent event does not harm the nature, it is an activity I prefer, but I need to be sensitive. I’m not saying leave it as you found later. Please leave it cleaner than you find and get the fire safety.

I say do not expect too much. A maximum of one hour will suffice for this place. Of course, if you say I like swimming in cool water, you can spend more time. Because it is a little difficult to find a sea with cool waters in Selimiye and its surroundings in summer. It would be nice if your swimsuit was under you because I could not see a place to make clothes.

I don’t know, maybe I think wrong, but I am looking for peace in a place filled with nature and filled with the sound of green, crickets. The only sound I want to hear is the crickets and the sound of running water. However, with the arrival of those big, ten-person monster safari vehicles, we are so fun, we are having a lot of fun. I also respect those who want to have fun this way, but it’s like it’s not his place. Go and enjoy this fun in the disco bars of all-inclusive 5-star hotels, but let me say some peace here and give my message.

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