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Maldives is a world famous tropical island that everyone wants to go with its turquoise waters and white sands. In recent years, we have characterized similar corners of paradise near us with the Maldives. Suluada in the Mediterranean is one of them.

As Salt Lake in Turkey, in Antalya and the Mediterranean referred to as Sulua Maldives are indeed looks like the natural beauty of the Maldives. Let’s describe it as the “Maldives of the Mediterranean” with the name of the region that we most suit the island.

Although Suluada has always been a valuable area throughout history, it has become more and more popular with its photos shared on social media and showing its unique beauty. We all became eager to discover the places where those beautiful pictures were taken. We have researched everything about the Maldives of the Mediterranean, Suluada, whose popularity is increasing day by day and we wanted to share with you…

Here are all the details about Suluada…

  1. Suluada, a hidden paradise that even those living in Antalya know little

One of the most known beaches in Antalya, Olimpos, is undoubtedly. It is possible to have a holiday for all kinds of tastes and needs. While Suluada was a frequent destination for those who used to come to Olympos or take a boat tour, it has become one of the most curious holiday regions now.

  1. The secret that it is so popular lies in the color of sea water and sand

This is a piece of heaven with its white sand and turquoise water. The rock structure of Suluada contains calcium carbonate. The secret that the sand here is so white is the microorganisms called “foraminifera” that live in the sand. When the stones become white due to the fresh water coming out of the island, the sea water gets an even clearer view. As such, we see a tropical pool view.

  1. Suluada is a region rich in biodiversity, home to many creatures

With its sea getting darker from turquoise to blue, Suluada; An immaculate island with nests for seals, dolphins, groupers and waterfowl.

  1. It is believed that its water is healing throughout history

Fresh water from the island was believed to be healing throughout history. It is recommended to drink water here, especially for kidney stones.

  1. Access to the island only by sea

Transportation to Suluada is a bit troublesome but it is definitely worth the beauties you will witness upon your arrival. Transportation to the island is only 15 km. It is provided by sea from Adrasan. After a pleasant 45-minute trip with the excursion boats moving from here, you set foot in Suluada.

95 km from the center of Antalya. It is possible to reach Adrasan, which is at a distance of 1.5 hours by car. Buses leaving from Antalya bus station are another form of transportation.

  1. Access to the island; boat tours are provided by private yacht cruises and fishing boats

Boat tours, which serve only in the summer, are held between 10.00-18.00. Prices range from 60 TL to 100 TL. Fish menus are also included in the tour prices. The frequent points of boat tours are Adrasan Lighthouse, Sazak Bay, Genoese Bay, Coban Harbor, Kargicak Bay, American Bay and Phosphorus Cave.

  1. There are two beaches in Suluada

There are two beaches in Suluada that can be accessed from the coast. Since the beach on the front is slightly more wavy, you can enjoy a quieter sea in the back bay. Considering that you can enjoy the island better than the hours that boat tours flock, you can also make your plans according to these hours.

  1. Since there is no settlement on the island, there is no electricity and water

Since Suluada has no electricity and water infrastructure, there are no hotels or pensions on the island. We recommend boutique hotels, bungalows and tree houses in Adrasan or Olympos for accommodation options.

  1. It is necessary to get permission to camp on the island

Camping on the island sounds good, right? Those who are willing to do this need permission from the Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Command.

  1. Even though it is the favorite spot of holidaymakers, it is still one of the virgin regions of Antalya.

It would not be wrong to make Suluada one of the rare regions of Antalya that can remain untouched for transportation difficulties and lack of accommodation.

However, despite these difficulties, the island welcomes close to 2 thousand visitors a day in summer.

  1. According to academics, Suluada has to be declared a private field

It is very sad to start seeing empty bottles, sachets and barbecue remnants on the beaches of Suluada, which has recently been popular with tourists. Stating that the beach is now getting dirty and even the color of the sand is changing day by day, nature lovers state that it is necessary to take precautions by the authorities, which are quite unhappy.

According to academics, Suluada, which faces the danger of contamination, must be declared a private field.

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