Sleep Valley

Sleep Valley

You will learn everything you wonder about the valley of sleep in our article. Where is the sleep valley? How to get to sleep valley? What to do in the valley of sleep. Activities for sleeping valley. Sleep valley entry fee. Sleep valley.

30 km from Bodrum to Sleep Valley, which is the most convenient and most popular place for trekking and trekking for nature lovers around Bodrum. then, 20 km from Milas in the direction of Bodrum. after passing through Gokceler Village distinction, passing Gokceler Village, approximately 1 km. then it is reached.

Sleep Valley is famous for its magnificent nature, trekking opportunities, Gokceler cave and delicious trout unique to the region.

Information About Valley and Cave

There are two ways to enter the Valley of Sleep. Someone walked from the trout farm to watch the creek length and head up to the cave after about 1 hour. This road, which often requires crossing the stream, can be pleasant in summer. Another road requires a 2-kilometer vehicle trail and a 300-meter descent. For this, it does not deviate from the trout farm, it exits the village with the existing stabilized road, an estimated 1.5 km. Then, on the slope of the Monastery Mountain to the right, it enters the forest road to the right, 500 m from the top point where the road rises. then you park and go down 300 meters towards the valley. Here in the mouth of the cave.

Those who wish can follow the road and go to Degirmendere shore. Then, this time, following the path marked with clear traces along the stream, it is 50 meters to the left immediately after a half-hour walk, before reaching the point where the water is inflated by making a set. the mouth of the cave is reached with a rise. The mouth of the cave is quite wide. The cave opens to a large hall at first. It’s called bat gallery, due to the abundance of bats. Oh, don’t shine a light, it can be frightening when they all fly off. Another gallery with small pools, with stalactites and stalagmites, reaches to the right with a slight slope and then through a narrow passage.

Everyone can go up to this point. Then the job of professional cavers. Accompanied by a guide, 7 m down with a rope, meets a wider gallery, after which the cave is crawled to the end of the cave and bent down. The turn is the same way, because there is no other way out. Don’t forget your swimsuit in summer. You will want to immerse yourself in cool water at the crossing of the stream.

The region is very ideal for nature lovers and daily tours are organized by the many tour agencies to the Sleep Valley.


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