Rhodiapolis Ancient City

Rhodiapolis Ancient City

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Rhodiapolis Ancient City It is located on the hill 2.5 km away from Kumluca district of Antalya province borders. In terms of the word, “the city of Rhodesians” is considered.

Rhodiapolis ancient city is one of the important settlements of East Lycia and was established in the 8th century BC. The settlement area of ​​the ancient city of Rhodiapolis is located on the units of Mesozoic Alakırçay Formation in the north of Kumluca Finike Plain, which is a wide and fertile plain. The sandy-Phoenician region where Rhodiapolis located the ancient city, located in Turkey’s 1st degree earthquake zone where seismic activity is greatest. For this reason, the region and the ancient city were subverted by many historical earthquakes.

Many of the solid constructions and craftsmanship in Rhodiapolis were deformed by moving from their places due to earthquakes; others were destroyed in certain directions and turned into ruins. Crumbling and breaking through the walls of the building in the ancient city, columns that have fallen in the same direction, warping and collapsing in the walls, rotations and repulsions in the stone wall parts, systematic cracks in the buildings and human skeletons that are thought to have been under debris.

As a result of archaeological excavations, the theater ruins in the middle of the city are the most solid building that has not reached the day.

The tomb monument of Opramoas, which is thought to provide financial support in the construction of the city, is located right next to the theater, but its walls are scattered around.

There is an Agora and stadium ruins in the southeast of the theater. It is also seen in a tower belonging to the Hellenistic period.

Unfortunately, the region has been destroyed many times by treasure hunters. Archaeological excavations for Rhodiapolis Ancient City were initiated by the Ministry of Culture in 2006.

Where and how to go to the Rhodiapolis Ancient City?

You can reach the region by following the Rhodiapolis sign as you head towards the direction of Hasyurt from Kumluca center.

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