Polish Poet Adam Mickiewicz Museum

Who is Adam Mickiewicz?

Adam Mickiewicz is the unfortunate poet of Poland. At the end of his 25-year life in Europe for the cause of the oppressed people, he came to Istanbul for the sake of his national purpose. The aim was not to have fun and relax in the Bosphorus. In the Crimean War with Russia, it aimed to increase the relations with the Poles working in Turkish service and to strengthen them. During his contacts, he visited the patients in tents set up in the Kurtuluş district of Istanbul. He died quietly on a rainy day in 1855, on November 26, in the house in Tarlabaşı, where he lived because of the visor of cholera, believed to have taken from there. The death of the poet who gave light and power to the Poles who were scattered all over the world for their homeland with their national poems has affected and continues to affect the world idea world for years.

In Beyoğlu (Tatlı Almond street), which is the most famous district of Istanbul, there is an apartment number 23 at its corner. In this building with three floors and two small rooms on each floor, 128 years ago, Polish national poet Adam Mickiewicz lived and lost his life in this building.

This house was used as a center where the Poles came together in the Crimean War, where heated speeches were made. Adam Mickiewicz and his friends were staying in this house. They would cook their own food. They made their personal needs such as laundry and dishes themselves. Among the Polish immigrants, Adam Czartoryski, who came to Istanbul at the end of the uprising in 1830 and founded Polonezköy, writes T.T. There were also Jez (Hanri) under the pseudonym Sobozowski and Adam Michalowski, who later adopted the Muslim religion. Sobozowski, a close friend of the poet Adam Mickiewicz, was volunteering to join the Crimean War at that time. For this, he bought an original cap, which was worn by those who participated in the war. In his memoirs, the poet Adam Mickiewicz recounts with his friend Sobozowski that he did not value anything other than his passport with his original heart.

The Poles were making a lot of fire in Tarlabaşı. Because there was quite a fire in Istanbul. Fearing that there will be a fire in their own house one day, this war traveler tells that his friend Sobozowski always placed his passport under his pillow while he was asleep, and when a fire broke out, he thought to save them first.

Adam Mickiewicz Museum

His house in Beyoğlu Tarlabaşı, where Polish freedom poet Adam Mickiewicz spent the last years of his life and died in 1855, was turned into a museum by collaborating with the Ministry of Culture and Arts in 1955, the 100th anniversary of the poet’s death.

Information and documents about the life and works of Mickiewicz are available in the museum. The photographs of the poet’s years in Istanbul and the documents and photographs of the Polish freedom struggle were opened to visitors. In the basement of the building, there is a symbolic tomb belonging to Adam Mickiewicz whose main tomb is in Krakow.

Adam Mickiewicz Museum Visiting Hours Summer Period: 09: 00-19: 00 (15 April-2 October)

Adam Mickiewicz Museum Visiting Hours Winter Period: 08: 30-17: 30 (3 October-14 April)

Adam Mickiewicz Museum Holidays: Monday

Adam Mickiewicz Museum Entrance Fee: Free

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