Places to Visit Kemer

Places to Visit Kemer

You will learn everything you wonder about Kemer in our article. Where is the belt? How to get to Kemer? Information about Kemer. Places to visit in Kemer. Kemer places to see. Kemer beaches. Kemer nature park. Phaselis Ancient City and Cove. Beydaglari Olimpos Beach National Park. Beldibi Cave. Tahtali Beach. Göynük Canyon. Üçoluk Plateau. Paris 2 Shipwreck. Tekirova Ecological Natural Park. Idyros Ancient City. Olympos Cable Car. Other Places to Visit in Kemer

You can easily create your travel plans for this beautiful district of Antalya, which includes areas where you can stay alone with nature as well as high level accommodation opportunities, by browsing the list of places to visit in Kemer, where I provide detailed information about its popular areas.

List Sightseeing to Kemer

In Kemer, where there are 5-star, themed and luxurious hotels as well as affordable accommodation options, after spending your day on the beaches or historical areas, you can go to bars and entertainment clubs in the center of the bustling nightlife to relieve the stress of the whole year.

You can use taxis or minibuses in transportation to enjoy the beauties that Kemer offers, and you can use the car rental option for freedom of movement.

                Phaselis Ancient City and Cove

Phaselis Ancient City and Cove, where you can take the first place in your list of places to visit in Kemer, has become popular due to its natural beauty as well as its historical value.

The ancient city, about 12 kilometers from Kemer, was built by the Lycians in BC. After its establishment in the 7th century, it was under the sovereignty of many civilizations, even pirates.

Thanks to the excavations, after visiting the city, where many parts of the city, especially 3 ports, were unearthed, you can fill your stomach in the picnic area and enjoy the sea on the coast, which is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean.

There are 3 bays and beaches in this ancient city where you can swim. Especially Orta bay is one of the most beautiful places I have seen in Antalya and its surroundings. There are no beach facilities in the area, but if you buy your picnic basket and mat, you will have a perfect holiday all day long. The Museum Card is valid at the entrance of the ancient city.

                Beydaglari Olimpos Beach National Park

Protected from 1972, Beydaglari Olympus Beach National Park is located within walking distance of Çıralı Town, 28 kilometers west of the district.

The most important part of the national park where Yanartaş, which has been famous since the Lycians period, is the ancient city of Olympos, which was established on both sides of Akçay.

You can visit the rock tombs and the acropolis primarily in the ancient city section of the protection area, which has a beach where you can swim and sunbathe all day long. You can pause for a while in the acropolis in a hilly area and enjoy the magnificent view.

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                Beldibi Cave

Beldibi Cave, located near the exit of the Çamdağ tunnel on the 40th kilometer of Antalya-Kemer Coast Road, contains information about the prehistoric ages of the region.

The shelter, located on a rock 25 meters above sea level, was discovered in 1956. In the cave, which was found to have 6 layers during the excavations started in 1959, items belonging to the Upper Paleolithic and Mesolotic periods were found.

While visiting the cave, which was destroyed for natural reasons, you can examine the pictures of animals and people on its walls.

                Tahtali Beach

Tahtalı Beach, which is the indispensable place of adrenaline enthusiasts and where the mountain named after it extends to the sea, has become a favorite of holidaymakers with its long coastline covered with sand.

                Goynuk Canyon

Göynük Canyon, where a significant part of the Lycian Way, which is known as one of the top 10 hiking trails in the world, passes through, has a place in the list of travelers to visit thanks to its breathtaking natural beauties.

You can enjoy nature by walking in the canyon, where the necessary security equipment is presented to the visitors at the entrance, or you can play paintball or if you are looking for excitement, you can walk on the cables installed on the canyon. When you go to the end of the canyon, you can see the waterfalls and ponds where you can swim.

                Ucoluk Plateau

The distance of Ucoluk Plateau, which is 1,500 meters high, revealing the natural beauties of the Mediterranean, is 37 kilometers. In the region where there is no infrastructure services, you can choose simple highland houses for accommodation or camp.

The plateau, which is a popular destination for trekking enthusiasts, is also ideal for nature photographers with its rich fauna and flora. If you have enough experience and have the necessary materials, you can also use mountain bikes on the hiking trails in the plateau.

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                Paris 2 Shipwreck

Paris 2 Shipwreck, one of the points that offer diving lovers beautiful opportunities in Kemer; lies 33 meters deep from the sea surface, off the marina.

Battleship, sunk by the battery under the command of Artillery Captain Mustafa Ertuğrul during World War I, is 50 meters long and 8 meters wide.

The wreck became popular among divers and underwater photographers after it was discovered in 1995. Moreover, it has been named one of the best diving sites in the world by many international magazines.

                Tekirova Ecological Natural Park

Opened to visitors in 2005, Tekirova Ecological Natural Park hosts the world’s first flora-herpetofauna tissue miniature study in its 40 thousand square meter area. In other words, reptiles and amphibians are shown to visitors in living spaces decorated with plants in their natural habitat.

You can also get the chance to see exotic bird species in the thematic park, which was established under the leadership of Selami Tomruk who dedicated his life to research in this field.

                Idyros Ancient City

Idyros Ancient City, located close to Ayışığı Bay, one of the most beautiful spots to swim in Kemer, was discovered as a result of the excavations carried out by the Antalya Museum in 1976 and 1977.

In these excavations, remains of the Byzantine-era church, city walls and smaller religious structures, many of which lie parallel to the shoreline.

                Olympos Cable Car

Olympos Teleferik, which I will tell you during the last list of places to visit in Kemer, allows the holidaymakers to live together with the natural beauties of the district.

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The cable car, which allows you to reach the facilities on Tahtalı Mountain in 10 minutes with 80-person booths, has been taken service in 2007. In the facility where there are indoor and outdoor restaurants, you can watch the view with the naked eye or the binoculars on the viewing terraces.

Offering beautiful routes for hikers and mountain bikers, you can descend from the mountain on the longest track in the world with paragliding.

                Other Places to Visit in Kemer

We have provided information about the most important places in the region during the article on places to visit in Kemer. If you are interested, you can add the following points to your list of places to visit in Kemer; Peynirdligi Cave, Dinopark, Adrasan, Molla Hole Cave, Olympos Cable Car, Moonlight Park, Sunnet Lake and Beldibi New Central Mosque.

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