Places to visit Konyaalti

Places to visit in Konyaalti

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A budget shortage has already begun to make those who start planning for a short time before the summer. Konyaaltı is the solution for those who are tired of spending a few days on holiday like a mountain.

With its modest businesses, fascinating cliffs, hidden beauties and peaceful beaches, Konyaaltı awaits your visit. As you meet the unique features of the district during your trip, you will be very happy to plan this holiday.

We brought together the most beautiful summer songs to make you a companion on your summer vacation.

Sightseeing to Konyaalti

                Antalya Museum

Antalya Museum, which has been opened to the exhibition for 5 thousand, is the home of 30 thousand history in total, and has been the mission of the savior of history since 1922. The museum, which was moved to its present location in 1972, has exhibition halls and open-air galleries.

The Herakles Tomb, which was kidnapped abroad, started to be exhibited in this museum as soon as he returned to the country.

It is waiting for all local and foreign enthusiasts to visit in the summer between 08.30-19.30. If you do not have a museum card, you should pay the entrance fee of 30 TL.

                Geyikbayiri Cave

Geyikbayırı Cave, the new branch of Konyaalti tourism, is very interesting with its depth of 6.5 meters.

Especially after the floods on rainy days, the cave continues to work in the cave, which gives an exquisite view. Even though it is still open to visitors, you have the chance to see it at any time of the year.

The 120-meter-long Geyikbayırı Cave is located just 5 minutes from the village.


MiniCity, located on Konyaaltı Beach, actually contributes greatly to tourism as a miniature park with mini designs of important works such as Maiden’s Tower, Haydarpaşa Station, Galata Tower, Sumela Monastery, Çanakkale Martyrs’ Monument, and the House of Virgin Mary.

There are also rumors that the park will be moved to Kepez due to the project planned on the Konyaaltı beach.

Antalya Aquarium

The building, which attracts a lot of tourists to the region as the world’s largest aquarium, offers its visitors unlimited entertainment between 10.00 and 20.00 with a length of 131 meters. In Antalya Aquarium, you will meet different faces of entertainment with sections such as Snow World, Oceanride XD Cinema and Wild Park.

By purchasing package programs for entrance, you can make your trip cheaper or you can get a valid Multipass card all year.

                Konyaalti City Square

This square, which was brought to the district by Konyaaltı Municipality, is bigger than Cumhuriyet Square.

There are businesses such as exhibition halls, cafes and restaurants in the square, which attracts attention with the Atatürk Monument, which is completed with a huge Turkish Flag sculpture.

You should definitely come to this place, which has become the venue of various events and organizations.

                Feslikan Plateau

Feslikan Plateau, located in the southeast of the plateau between Eren, Montenegro and Bereket mountains, will make you forget the plateau holidays you have experienced so far.

If you attend the events and festivals in this plateau, which opens the door to walks and nature sports with its forest area, you will meet the fun of Yörük culture.

                Roman Bath

The Roman Bath, which continues to survive despite the fire in the 6th century with its rooms undertaking different tasks, had to undergo some changes in the war against time.

This building, which challenged time with its courtyard, fountain, gymnasium and water pool, is also a part of Perge Ancient City.

The Roman Bath, which draws attention with its heat system walls, is located on Atatürk Boulevard.

Konyaaltı Beaches and Cove

                Konyaaltı Beach

Konyaaltı Beaches, where you have the chance to benefit from the opportunities that are diversified with the businesses serving in Beach Park, are ready to serve with all the sections you need, such as showers, toilets, locker cabins.

You can also do paragliding from the cliffs on which this beach rests, where you can take a stroll along the shore by bike or on foot.

While sunbeds and umbrellas are free of charge on some beaches, they are available for a fee on some beaches.

                Sarısu Ladies Beach

This beach, which is dedicated only to women, has made a name for everyone who is working as women.

Providing service with a fully equipped facility with sun loungers, umbrellas, dressing cabins, toilets, gyms, showers and various businesses, Ladies Beach is working hard for its guests to have a good time.

They will also think of mothers planning a holiday with their children that there is even a playground for children.

It is forbidden to approach the social facility covered with trees to a certain distance even by the sea.

                Sarısu Public Beach

This beach, built by the municipality, is offered to the public completely free of charge. This region, which also gives a chance to barbecue in picnic areas, has already stolen many tourists with its services such as shower, toilet, fountain and cooking sections.

Organizing the greenery area as a resting corner, the teams also opened doors to events where tired guests can be distracted.

                Calticak Beaches

Due to its proximity to the highway and picnic areas, Küçük and Büyük Çaltıcak Beaches, which are subject to the intense interest of local tourists, are waiting for you to lie down on their fine sands and relax.

Although the entrance to the picnic area on these beaches, where you will admire the beauty of its bays, is paid, it can be preferred as the most productive way to spend time in the family. You will love the Red Pine trees, which are planted like a protector at the beach, which is suitable even for water sports.

                Topcam Beach

Topçam Beach, which is adjacent to Çaltıcak Beaches, is a tourist attraction with its magnificent view embraced by the yayars where caves are waiting to be discovered.

You can easily reach the island, where the scenery of Sıçan Island is adorned, by buses from Konyaaltı. Entrance to the promenade area, which is very suitable for camping and picnics, is chargeable.


The cliffs giving the district its name lie between the two beaches that attract the most tourists to Antalya. The transformation of the coasts eroded by the sea into the most beautiful point of this region suggests the touch of God.

The cliffs, which meet with sand and miles at the bottom, have a depth ranging from 14 to 25 meters. It will not be wrong to mention in this title as you can provide the most comfortable entrance from Konyaaltı Beach.

Activities To Be Done

  • Feel the lightness of being in the air by making a sea parachute in your nose from the scent of the beautiful sea from Konyaaltı Beach.
  • Cycle around Ataturk Culture Park or lie on the grass and listen.
  • Have a nice picnic around Doyran Pond or go hiking on a bicycle.
  • Take a boat ride and dive underwater to Rat Island, pregnant with mysterious secrets and legends.
  • Feed colorful koi fish with a bottle thanks to an activity offered free of charge in Antalya Aquarium.
  • Observe the life of reptiles and get ideas about them, as well as interesting species such as cockroaches hissing in WildPark, which collects the “MOST World’s”.
  • With the service of Oceanride XD Cinema, go on a three-dimensional journey underwater.
  • Enjoy igloos and real snow in a -5 degree ambience prepared by Snow World and always eat sausage bread.
  • After enjoying the sea in Konyaaltı Beach, join the parties, concerts, events organized there.
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