Places to Visit Kas

Places to Visit in Kas

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Even if you are looking at your photos, we are planning to go to the bays and beaches that take you away, but if you are afraid to embark on such an adventure with limited information, we are here with a wide article you will not find anywhere.

While reading our article that you can prepare a legendary travel plan without jumping even from the smallest place in Kas or Kalkan, you will try to prepare your luggage and poke his friend and friend and say, “Get up, we are going”.

Places to Sightseeing in Kas

                Ancient Cities

                               Phellos Ancient City

You will get enough of the ancient city in Kaş, which is the beautiful district of Antalya, which shakes many civilizations that have received its beauty. Phellos Ancient City is one of the must-see places with its remains stretching from the necropolis leaning on Mount Fellen to the Fellen Plateau, near Çukurbağ Village of Kaş.

                               Antiphellos Ancient City

There is another ancient city adjacent to Phellos which is Antiphellos Ancient City. You can dream of having a sea-view theater pleasure due to its view in this city, which is the home of Kaş Antique Theater. We are sure that the figures made by carving the rocks will attract your attention.

                               Aperlai Ancient City

This ancient city, on the other hand, is located in Sıçak Peninsula, which gives exquisite images that will add movement to your heart. When the suns hit, the city’s walls could survive, looking at the view of the sparkling water.

                               The Ancient City of Isinda

Isinda Ancient City, which is also called Beleni because of its proximity to Beleni Village, is known as a city with a voting right in the Lycian Union although it is mentioned with the Aperla people. If you go, you can see the tombs and rock tombs that still exist.

Those who are interested in historical trips can visit many regions such as Trysa Ancient City and Gömbe Ancient City in Kaş.


                               Islamic Village

Although each of the Kaş villages, which have hosted some ancient cities, has beautiful sights, we can actually raise your awareness by mentioning a few of them.

Islamlar Village is almost like a small painting with its streams with cool waters, which are also called Bodamya and flow from the heart of nature. Adding a fairy tale to the presence of these streams, the water mill increases the attraction of the village.

Rock tombs add different meanings to the village, like a light shed on the history of the village. When you consider the possibilities of that time, you will admire the workmanship.

                               Dirgenler Village

Dirgenler Village, which gained its name from the pitchforks used by the Rençbers, owes its economy to its marble quarries and greenhouses.

Moreover, Dirgenler Castle and Şişima Church also host a considerable amount of tourists with their historical textures.

In these villages where you will find the calm and serenity of natural life, you can be fed organically and listen to your head a little.


                               Saklikent Canyon

Canyon formations, which are very famous in America, are the regions that attract tourists the most. For this reason, Kas is one of the districts that can be considered lucky with its canyons.

Saklıkent Canyon, which is a part of Saklıkent National Park, is the address of both adventure lovers and those seeking peace.

Saklikent Canyon which also owns the title of the longest canyon in Turkey, the debtor Karachay formation. Kaş, who shares this formation with Fethiye, welcomes many local and foreign tourists who are interested in nature sports, lovers of safari and picnic lovers.

Entrance fee to Saklıkent Canyon is 10 TL per person as of 2018, but if you are a student, it is enough to pay 7 TL.

                               Cyprus Canyon

If you like the canyon tour, you should stop by the Cyprus Canyon for a walk of about 6 meters. You will literally go to completely different worlds while walking in the cool waters of the canyon, which also allows nature sports.


                               Gombe Plateau

Anyone who pursues a cool environment in the summer benefits from the advantages of plateau tourism. When you come to Kas, you must reach for the beautiful plateaus that have festivals and activities.

If you come to Gömbe, soak up the clean air of Gömbe Plateau, which is decorated by Yeşilgöl.

You can eat the best of walnut and apple in the plateau where oil wrestling competitions are organized.

Don’t forget to take your camera with you when you come to the area that gives beautiful images for the safari.

                               Felen Plateau

This plateau offers an authentic ambiance to its visitors as a plateau that welcomes Ancient City Phellos, which had an important place with its harbor in its time and still smells of history.

                               Bezirgan Plateau

If you want to get a cool highland air, you can come to Bezirgan Plateau where feasts reflecting Turkmen and Yörük culture are organized. You can also stay in this plateau, which is frequented by the inhabitants of Bezirgan Village. Touristic trips are organized with plateau tours where you can take nature walks.

Other Places                     

Kekova Plateau

Located in the east of Kaş, Kekova awaits your discovery as a beautiful island. Protected by boats, this protected island fascinates with its unique beauty.

The Sunken City in this region, where you can not wait to dive and explore, is unfortunately only visible by boat visit, as it is the only area in Kekova that can not be diving. Nevertheless, we guarantee that you can easily see this sunken city from the sea, which attracts great attention with its cleanliness.

In addition to Tersane Bay, which is decorated with the remnants of important works, you can visit the ancient cities on the shore. In the Ancient City of Simena, which has existed since the 4th century BC, you will encounter the Simena Castle, which attracts the most attention in the region, in addition to historical values such as ancient theater, inscription, tomb and cistern. The Ancient City of Theimussa in Üçağız Village is one of the cities that served Lycia with its port, considering historical documents.


Demre, which is located approximately 50 minutes from Kaş, has become one of the places frequented by those who are interested in history as the district where Myra Ancient City is located.

With the opening of the Lycian Civilizations Museum to the district, tourist investments were also made. The museum, where every effort, including the organization of a lively exhibition starting from Andriake Harbor, has been made, seems to be a mission for its visitors to obtain a comprehensive information about the Lycian Union by creating a separate hall for many ancient cities.

Moreover, the Demre Bird Sanctuary, where you will be entertained separately with the presence of birds who have settled in the port city, is also located here.

                Kas Beaches and Cove

                               Big Pebble Beach

When you leave yourself to the sea that is fed with fresh water resources, the phrases with “good fortune” will come to life in your mind. You will dive into the beauty of the cliffs while sunbathing at Big Pebble Beach, which takes its name from the structure of the beach. You do not have to worry about your needs, as you will also find businesses in the environment. It will give your body vitality with the coldness of its water; While swimming in the sea, the sea shoes will provide you with a more enjoyable experience. You do not have to pay a fee to enter the beach.

                               Small Pebble Beach

Small Pebble Beach, which allows you to catch a more intimate and special ambiance with its smallness, is preferred by the tourists who stay in the vicinity. As in Big Pebble Beach, let us warn those who are sensitive because the water of this place is cold. Despite the small size of this beach, where groups that do not like crowd will like to spend time, there are restaurants that you can go to. You do not have to pay anything to enter Derya Beach and Çınarlar Beach on both sides of Small Pebble Beach.

                               Limanagzı Beach

There are also many beaches you can find in this bay, which is the harbor of Sebeda Ancient City, which is also a protected area. Bilal’s Place, which has lounges and heralds pleasant moments with its loungers set on the rocks, Port Beach, where the boats are frequenters, and Nuri’s Beach, where you will find peace, serves with its beautiful beaches. Since there are private owned beaches, you cannot enter these areas with food and drink, and you cannot hunt in swimming areas. In addition to being a blue flag region, it also attracts the attention of many people with the presence of Hıdırellez Cave. You can go to Limanağzı Beach from the center of Kaş by boat. For this, the round trip fee you need to pay is 20 TL.

                               Cukurbag Peninsula

There is a Public Beach of Kaş Municipality in Çukurbağ Peninsula, which has a calmer structure due to its geographical location. When you come for holiday, you will find alternatives suitable for your budget. You will find things to do not only during the day but also at night in the peninsula, which has a romantic atmosphere. If you prefer to stay, you can find quite cute boutique hotels. Moreover, Kaş Sailing Club is located on this peninsula.

                               Kaş Municipality Public Beach

Thanks to the facility established by Kaş Municipality in Çukurbağ Peninsula, entrance to Kaş Municipality Public Beach, where visitors can have a comfortable holiday, is free but services are paid. Being able to get maximum service at affordable prices on the beach, which also has a children’s park, will attract you here many times.

                               Incebogaz Beach

Incebogaz Beach, which has a cute and modest structure, has officially become the address of peace. You can sunbathe by listening to the wave sounds and leave yourself to the warm sea. You will not want to return home, as it will steal your heart with serenity. With its memorable beauty that leaves a mark in hearts and souls, this beach lies in a decent bay of the Çukurbağ Peninsula. You do not need to pay a fee for entering Çınar Beach on İncebogaz Beach. 10 TL is also requested when renting sunbeds and umbrellas.

                               Hidayet Cove Beach

Hidayet Cove Beach, located on the Çukurbağ Peninsula, serves its guests in a wonderful order with its blue-white lodges and sun loungers. You can enjoy your beer by listening to the wave sounds from the business or you can eat a cold ice cream like this. You can meet Groupers and Caretta Carettas thanks to an environmentally friendly policy in all areas including the Bianca Beach Hotel. There is no fee to pay for spending as much as you wish in Bianca Beach, the only business in this bay. But for the sun loungers and umbrellas that will belong to you all day, the fee they will charge you is 20 TL (Umbrella 5 TL and sunbed 15 TL).

                               Akçagerme Beach

Akçagerme Beach, which also has services such as water slide, restaurant and pool, can be a good spot for your family holidays. Thanks to the section created with a barrier on the shore of the sea, you can enjoy the moment without worrying about your children or relatives with disabilities during your holiday. In this beach, where you have the chance to see Caretta Caretta turtles, you need to pay for sunbeds and umbrellas.

                               Seyrekçakıl Beach

This beach, which gives quite photogenic poses, draws a virgin air with no artificial intervention. Although preserving its natural beauty increases the attraction of this rare beach, it is necessary to pay attention to its uneven depth. It has become a getaway for camping lovers with a beautiful flower that opens on the roadside. If you are addicted to calm, we recommend that you grab your tent and go.

                               Meis Island

Even though Meis Island is a Greek island that includes 400 people and can be entered with a visa, you can go to Kas with daily tours due to its neighborhood. If you have a Schengen visa, you should definitely visit this island and breathe a different air and make a delicious holiday. When you go to this island, which the Ottoman Empire once owned, you will see that the visa you entered to see here is worth the trouble. The ferry fare from the center of Kas to Meis Island is 25 for adults, 20 for children and free for babies. There is no difference between one way or round trip fares.

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