Places To Visit Cirali

Places To Visit Cirali

You will learn everything you wonder about Cirali in our article. Where is Cirali? Cıralı how to get there? Information about Cirali. Cirali must-see places. Cirali beaches. Cirali places to swim. Sightseeing to Cirali. Yanartas. Ulupinar. Walking Routes and Lycian Way. Cirali Boat Tour. Genoese Cove. Sazak Cove. Phaselis. Olympus. Adrasan

Serenity, silence, green and peace. This is exactly what Cirali is worth. It is like a hidden corner of the Mediterranean where green and blue meet at the foot of the lush green mountains, which is far from the ugliness of the settlement. Cirali is an extension of the Ulupinar Village in Antalya’s Kemer district, which has opened to the shore.

With its beautiful boutique hotels and delightful bungalows, clean and calm beach, it is a place to rest. Every year, regulars who flee from Istanbul come to take their share from this peace. There are very good boutique hotels, design bungalows, accommodation facilities with beautiful gardens. The best hotels and hostels of the region are here.

The scent of flowers, spreading from the orange groves lying right behind the delicious coastline where Caretta turtles lay eggs, is stunning. Citrus trees hide beautiful bungalows decorated with bougainvillea. This is a town that is guaranteed to rest, away from noise, fuss and loud noise.

Olympos Coastal National Park boundary in Cirali, Turkey’s one of the best examples of places where people live in harmony with nature, perhaps. The region on both sides of the Cirali Beach is part of the national park. The park, which is located near Antalya Yeni Liman and goes down to the coast of Beydaglari, is a very special place with its natural and historical values.

The national park, which also includes the districts of Kemer and Kumluca, is one of the most important breeding grounds for Caretta Caretta turtles. The 3.2 km long beach of the park has two rocky noses and the Akcay River, which originates from the ancient city of Olympos in the south and flows depending on the rain.

The town center is made up of several streets that do not exceed several hundred meters. Along the street, it consists of cafes, markets, shops that sell the materials you need at sea. Wherever you are in Cirali, it will not take 10 minutes to reach the center on foot. Again, wherever you stay in Cirali, it will not take 5 minutes to walk to the thick beach.

Citrus gardens, Cirali Beach, which is more than 2 km long and reached through bungalows and pensions spread over here, is one of the most beautiful in the coastal strips in the west of Antalya. Cirali Beach, where the Caretta Caretta turtles are settled, is located on the same bay with the adjacent Olympos.

The Cirali environment offers beautiful walking routes with its valleys opening to each other and the paths used in ancient times on rocky ridges. If you take half a day to some of the routes, delicious paths await you with pleasant views.

There are accommodation facilities for every budget in Cirali. As you will find some of Turkey’s best and most expensive hotels are also camping areas can stay very cheaply.

There are restaurants around the beach where you can taste very good gourmet delicacies. The restaurants, which are full of dinner hours, serve as a beach club during the day. You can rent sun beds and umbrellas and benefit from shower and toilet services.


Sightseeing to Cirali


It is not possible to go to Cirali without seeing Yanartas, who continues to spread flames with anger that never ends. Yanartas, famous for its flammable gas leaking from the cracks of the ground caused by tectonic shaking in the parts of calcareous rocks and serpentine land, is a unique region that inspired the Olympic torch in history. It is believed that the flames formed by the ignition of the gas leaking from the rocks have never been extinguished since Antiquity.

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Although it is a somewhat tiring route, the mystery of the flames reached at the end is also connected with a mythological story. Yanartas is the place where the legendary creature Chimaira, whose body is made up of a goat, a tail with a snake, and which spreads flames from its mouth, cannot extinguish the flames coming out of its tongue.

The flames of Chimera may seem ordinary under the sunshine of the sun during the day, but when the night comes out, the stars show all their beauty and mystery. Yanartas, which has been burning for centuries, will go to Yanartas with a half-hour climb from Cirali center. Sunset times are the best times, if you are going to go out at night, don’t forget to take a lantern with you. You can use the flashlight of your mobile phone like me to illuminate the road when it gets dark.


After Faselis, after passing Tekirova, this is a nice stopover on the shore of the year, with high flowing waters under the grand plane trees. Ulupınar, where a stream of life is brought to life, is famous for its restaurants offering trout.

                Walking Routes and Lycian Way

The Lycian Way, which is a trekking route starting from Fethiye and ending in Antalya and covering the paths on the Teke peninsula, is among the 10 longest walking routes in the world with its length of 509 km. There are ruins of 19 ancient cities, settlements and accommodation facilities on the Lycian Way. If your path falls to Cirali in spring and autumn, you can walk a part of the road.

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On this route, which takes about 19 km, you pass through beautiful bays without getting too far from the sea. The beginning of the route starts from the dense pine trees on the east side of Cirali Beach. When you step on the path and climb and reach the hill, walk to the nose on the right. Marvelous view is waiting for you. On one side, you can see the 3 km Cirali Beach, the boats and the exquisite view of Musa Mountain, on the other, you see the shores and the deep blue Mediterranean.

                Cirali Boat Tour

Cirali boat tours, which start from the Cirali coast every day in the summer period, end in the evening of the same day after touring Cennet Bay, Genoese Harbor, Sazak, Aquarium, Coban Harbor and caves.

In the boat tours realized by many tour companies, swimming breaks are given in the bays with turquoise water. Including lunch, soft drinks and shuttle service from the regional hotels to the beach. Boat tour fees range from 60-120 TL.

On the Adrasan Genoese Bay boat tour, you can go to beautiful bays such as Akseki Bay, Tuzla, Leek Island, Coban Bay, Sazak Bay, Ceneviz Bay. The Genoese and Sazak bays, lined in a row behind a steep slope, are one of the rarest bays in our country.

Overlooking the open sea, Genoese Bay is also called Porto Genoese because of the castle ruin on its slope. Sazak Bay is an interior. These are the habitats of the Mediterranean monk seal, which is under protection. Both bays are crystal clear blue.

                Ceneviz Cove

Ceneviz Cove, one of the most virgin bays of the Mediterranean coastline, is a frequent destination for nature lovers on holiday in Cirali and Olympos. Offering an unforgettable swimming experience with its clear, sparkling water, Ceneviz Bay is located between Olympos and Adrasan. The bay, called Genoese because it is a shelter for Mediterranean pirates, is also very popular with its star view at night. There is no land transportation to the bay, it can only be reached by boats.

                Sazak Cove

Sazak Bay, adjacent to Genoese Bay, is a beautiful bay located on the route of Olympos and Cirali boat tours. With its natural sheltered location, just like Genoese Bay, it has been a shelter for boats that have traded in the region throughout history, and looks like a natural pool.

It helps to understand how clean the sea is with its underwater view of 25 meters. The captains touring the region gave the name of honeymoon bay. I went to the bay several times by boat. The vehicle path is said to be very corrupt.


Faselis Ruins and beach, located right next to Tekirova, are within easy reach of your car from Cirali. Faselis, which is connected to the Antalya museum and for which construction is prohibited, deserves a day trip with its unspoiled nature and three beautiful beaches.


Since there are mountains separating the two towns in between, Olympus and Cirali have only a connection from the coast. While Olympus remains within the borders of Kumluca district, Cirali remains within the borders of Kemer district. It is free to use the beach of Olympos from the beach, but if you want to visit the ancient city of Olympos, do not forget to take your Museum Card with you.

When you walk from the beach with a 5-10-minute walk from Cirali, you reach Olympus Beach and from there to Olympus Ancient City. Although the foundation of Olympus is not fully known, it is estimated that it was the Late Roman and Early Byzantine periods. Monumental tombs, sarcophagi, accident graves, churches, theaters and many other buildings are scattered right on the two sides of Akcay.

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The best standing structure of Olympus is the door of a temple. Unfortunately, other archaeological remains are not in a very good condition. The bridge, pier and small Roman theater and tomb monuments, almost all of which have been lost under the plants, can be seen.

If you want to knit the most beautiful views when you go to Olympus Beach, immediately go up to the old castle located on the top of the rock on the beach. The other castle is located at the top of the rocks at the western end of the beach.


Adrasan, which has one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, is actually the name of the bay on the coastal part of Cavuskoy located at the foot of Musa Mountain. Adrasan, which is a unique beauty where green and blue meet, is one of the places to visit around Cirali. While coming to Cirali, stop by Adrasan. Take a boat tour to Suluada.

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You must first come to Antalya to reach Cirali, which is 84 km from Antalya center and 28 km from Kemer, in the direction of Kumluca. Take the car from Antalya to Kumluca-Kas direction, after Tekirova, turn left from Cirali turnout. You reach Cirali after a 7 km journey between pine trees on a curvy and scenic road.

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