Places to Visit Cesme

Places to Visit Cesme

You will learn everything you wonder about Cesme in our article. Where is the Cesme? How to get to the Cesme? Cesme beaches. List of places to visit in Cesme. Information about Cesme. Cesme photos. Cesme night clubs. Cesme streets.

Although it is popular due to its sea and entertainment opportunities in recent years, Çeşme is a very rich place in terms of places to visit. Because the towns of the touristic district of Izmir, which carries traces of Ion and Ottoman civilizations, contain thermal resources, rich culinary culture and colorful local life, which are rare in the world.

                Sightseeing to Cesme

Although it makes transportation all around Cesme easy, the minibuses that are the backbone of public transportation can be quite crowded in the summer. Therefore, if you have a budget, you can choose the car rental option in transportation to explore the beauties of the district more freely.

When you are hungry while traveling on your travel route, do not forget to eat the famous Kumru of Cesme in Kumrucu Sevki, taste the gummy ice cream and cookies.

                               Cesme Castle

Cesme Castle, located close to Cumhuriyet Square in the district center, was built in 1508 when the 2nd Bayezid was on the throne.

You can add the Ottoman structure, which welcomes visitors with the statue of Captain-I Derya Hasan Pasha in front of its main gate, to your list of places to visit in Cesme due to its magnificent architecture and panoramic view.

In addition to these, there is a Fountain Museum opened in 1965 for the display of weapons brought from Topkapi Palace. Today, instead of weapons, historical artifacts brought from Erythrai Ancient City are exhibited in the museum.

                               Altinkum Beach

Altinkum Beach, which is only 10 minutes away from Cesme town center, is waiting for you with its beach clubs on 500 meters of clean beach.

The biggest feature of the beach, which takes its name from the golden sand, is that it is wavy in most of the year and its water is cold compared to other places in Cesme. You can easily reach the beach where you can enjoy the cool waters and sun of the Aegean Sea by public transportation.

                               Erythrai Ancient City

Erythrai Ancient City, which has two different assumptions that its name comes from its red-colored soil or Erythro, son of Rhadamanthes, the first founder of the city, is located within the borders of Ildiri Village, 26 kilometers away from Cesme.

The first excavations in the historical settlement, one of the 12 Ionian cities established in Western Anatolia, Hakki Gültekin and Prof. It was held between 1963 and 1966 under the leadership of Ekrem Akurgal.

You can examine the valuable items found in the ancient city, where the acropolis area, the Temple of Athena and its theater were unearthed, in the museum inside Cesme Castle.

                               Ilica Beach

Ilıca Beach attracts holidaymakers with its rich content, since its waters are fed by underground sources, and can be swim not only in summer but also in spring and autumn.

The 3 kilometers long beach, which is the indispensable stop for those seeking healing due to its hot and abundant mineral waters, makes it possible to surf thanks to its undulating structure.

Since the sea is not very deep, it is necessary to resort to the surrounding hotels for diving and other water sports activities, which can be preferred by families with children.

                               Aya Yorgi Cove

Aya Yorgi Bay, which has a distinct popularity among the beautiful beaches of Cesme, which fascinates those who see it, is located in Sakarya Neighborhood, only 1 kilometer from the district center.

The beach clubs, which serve in the bay, which is relatively calm during the day, offer guests unforgettable hours with exclusive entertainment programs that include concerts and DJ performances at night.

If you get bored with the content in the bay, which I would definitely recommend you to add to your list of places to visit in Cesme due to the clear blue sea and the recreational opportunities offered by the facilities on the beach, you can switch to another beach by taking advantage of the zodiac boats that work as a sea taxi.


Located in the north of the peninsula, Dalyan is one of the resorts where you can have the opportunity to experience typical Aegean life despite its facilities opening to its beaches.

There are several beach clubs where you can swim from the pier and a public beach where you can enjoy free sea in the residential area, which is preferred by those looking for more calm.

Despite their shabby appearance, the venues operating on Kocakari Beach offer the freshest of seafood to their guests at affordable prices.


Because the beach and thermal usage are in the same place, Ilicalar is known as one of the rare spa areas in the world.

In the thermal areas, which are the source of healing and entertainment, 5 kilometers away from the district center, the water has a temperature between 42-55 ° C. This water, which is suitable for bathing and drinking cures, has therapeutic properties of many diseases, especially rheumatism, digestive system, women and skin diseases.

You can visit the facilities daily or stay in the surrounding facilities and benefit from its healing waters.

                               Delikli Cove

Delikli Cove, located between Alacati and Ovacık, which is considered the center of surf tourism, takes its name from a gap formed by natural reasons on the rock separating 2 beaches.

The bay, which is the ideal place for those who play peace with its calm sea and quiet environment, is one of the indispensable areas in Cesme for campers.

You can reach the cove, which offers beautiful views for those who like to take pictures as the sun goes down, as well as the sea pleasure, as there is no public transportation only by your own or rented car.

                               Germiyan Village

I recommend adding Germiyan Village, located 23 kilometers east of the district center, to the list of places to visit in Cesme, especially for gastronomic enthusiasts. The reason for this is that Germiyan, the only Turkmen settlement of Cesme, is the first village to join the Slow Food movement in our country.

Thanks to this movement, which aims to keep local and natural products alive, you can enjoy products such as Kopanisti Cheese, Hurma Olive, Sekerici Damat Lokum, Bazina, Rice Manti, which are prepared in seasonal and unadulterated products.

Apart from spending time with original kitchen products, you can visit the village and examine the pictures that local artist Nuran Erden draws on the walls of the houses.

                               Donkey Island

Donkey Island, which you can visit by participating in daily boat tours, attracts the attention of holidaymakers thanks to its clean bays and convenient location for underwater sports.

The island, which was named after the cute creatures that were left here and reproduced over time, is not allowed to stay because it is under protection.

If you intend to go to the disputed islands between Greece and Turkey which is one piece of land to dive into the depth of the cleft may be interested in finding the 60-meter point.

                               Cesme Bazaar

Cesme Bazaar, which is the permanent stop of sightseeing routes covering the castle, hosts souvenirs and shops where you can meet your daily needs.

The most original products of the bazaar, which is not much different in appearance from its counterparts in Ayvalık and Foca, are the gummy ice cream and cookies you can buy from Rumeli Patisserie, which has been in operation since 1945, and gum jam offered in various shops.

If you continue walking towards the castle direction in the bazaar, which I would suggest you not to leave without tasting these 3 flavors unique to the region, you can see the entertainment venues first and then the fishermen by the sea.


Caravanserai, which is used as a hotel today, was built by Kanuni Sultan Süleyman in 1529.

Thanks to the successful restoration work carried out in a 2-storey building that reflects the magnificence of the Ottoman architecture, the decoration art of the period has been carried in accordance with the original. You can choose the historical building close to the castle for both accommodation and shopping.

                               Chios Island

You can allocate a part of your holiday period that you plan to spend in Çeşme, which you prefer because of the sea, sun and its unique culture, to Chios Island, which you can visit by taking advantage of a valid visa application between the two countries.

I would recommend those looking for an alternative to add to the list of places to visit in Çeşme. You can reach the island within 1 hour by the ships departing from the port.

You can return to Cesme at 17.00 in the afternoon after swimming in the island, visiting historical sites and eating, on the island you will reach by boat moving at 11.00.

                Other Places to Visit in Cesme

During the article on places to visit in Cesme, we talked about the most important points you should visit and see in the region. If you do not have time problems in your Cesme holiday, you can add the following places to your list of places to visit in Cesme: Şifne, Sakızağacı Grove, Sakızlı Cove, Çiftlikköy, Archeology Museum, Cesme Marina, Pırlanta Beach, Boyalik koy, Büyük Liman and Pasa Harbor.

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