Peristera Monastery

Peristera Monastery

You will learn everything you wonder about Peristera Monastery in our article. Where is Peristera Monastery? How to get to Peristera Monastery? Information about the Peristera Monastery. To the Peristera Monastery. Entrance fee to Peristera Monastery.

The Black Sea is a frequent destination for many visitors, with its plateaus, its unique and special climate, and its special historical sites that bear the traces of the past. Peristera Monastery, which is one of the biggest cities of the Black Sea, in the province of Trabzon, is a place that carries all these features. Another name of this place, known for its historical personality in the middle of magnificent nature, is Hızır İlyas Monastery.

It is one of the historical sightseeing places in the province, which is as famous as the famous Sumela Monastery and Vazelon Monastery. Peristera Monastery is known as one of the very old commercial centers built towards the end of the 8th century. You can listen to the sound of the flowing creeks around this old settlement, which has a magnificent view. You can breathe this historical scent that disappears among the green.

Many trekking activities carried out by visitors are held in this region. Thus, both historical tours and tours that contain the beauties of nature are formed. You will witness the history in this magnificent trip where every shade of green takes place. Even the magnificence of the monastery, which is a little dilapidated, will make you feel its value and place in ancient times.

Where is Peristera Monastery?

It is located in the town of Esirlioğlu, located in the responsibility area of Maçka district of Trabzon Province. Located in the village of Şimşirli, the monastery is flooded by history lovers.

How to get to Peristera Monastery?

The vast majority of the visitors who come for special historical trips come to Trabzon by plane, and they make the trips from this special place by car rental method. Thanks to the companies that are connected to private tours, you can rent transportation jeeps or off-road vehicles. If you go by private car, you can reach Maçka district from the city center and here, to Şimşirli village. Due to the increasing number of visitors recently, it is possible to reach this area by minibuses or minibuses that go to the district center hourly.

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