Pedasa Ancient City

Pedasa Ancient City

You will learn everything you wonder about Pedasa Ancient City in our article. Where is the Ancient City of Pedasa? How to get to Pedasa Ancient City? Information about the Ancient City of Pedasa. Photos of the Ancient City of Pedasa. Entrance fee to Pedasa Ancient City. Pedasa Ancient City Mugla

When we say Bodrum, we first think of the sea, sun and night life, right? Why all right? Could it be because we have little interest and knowledge in culture, history and archeology? While European uncles and aunts in their 80s continue to visit ancient cities in our country, we ignore small ancient cities from Ephesus. I also felt this when I visited the ancient city of Kilistra in Konya, while looking at the Kınık deltas from the ancient city of Xhantos. When I decided to go to the ancient city of Pedasa, which was founded 3500 years ago in Bodrum, I did not guess that I would see both seas of Bodrum peninsula from the summit of a magnificent hill. I realized later that with the love of the great Lycia in me, I was slightly disinterested in the history of the Carian lands.

Spreading over a large area (500 hectares), the ancient city of Pedasa and its surroundings is a protected area. It is surrounded by pine trees and bird sounds that surround it like a bright green carpet. In November, no other sound is heard than the bird sound. When I climbed onto the tower of Pedasa, one of the rare structures that survived, it was breathtaking to see Torba in the north and Bitez in the south from the middle of the Bodrum peninsula. Pedals have established their cities in a very strategic place for the protection of the peninsula. Two seas from the tower of the city, which is not visible from the outside, and therefore the enemies that can come are seen from afar.

In this perfectly hiding city where the Ancient Lelegs lived, I visited these beauties with oxygen poisoning, smiling and smiling. What I was most surprised by was that nobody came here and had no protection, except a guard at the door. Let me admit I was never complaining about traveling here on a sunny day in November.

Where is Pedasa?

The ancient city is 4 km from Bodrum. in the north, where Gökçeler was established, 7.3 km from Bodrum by car. , in Konacik town. You can reach the junction in 20 minutes by taking Pedasa minibuses from Bodrum bus station. Then you climb the hill, 2 km of which is easy and 2 km of which is uphill.

Pedasa History

In ancient times, there were four Pedassos in the west of Central Anatolia, in the Mesenia region on the Peloponnese island, in the Bodrum peninsula and in Çanakkale.

 It is one of the cities established in the Anatolian Iron Age civilizations of Pedasa Ancient City. After the Trojan war, the Lelegs had to migrate here from Çanakkale and established their city on the Bodrum peninsula. Later, Persian Strap Mausollos forced 6 people out of 8 cities on the peninsula to Halikarnissos. Pedasa people have also been one of the immigrants. The word Pedasa also means plenty of water.

Domed tombs in Pedasa were built in the garden of the houses. Lelegs have patriarchal social structure and have buried their ancestors, which they respect very much, in the garden of their home. The Lelegs lived their golden age in the 6th century BC, and the city of Leleg, which is the best preserved to date, is shown as Pedesa.

The sun is setting like a festival!

If you visit the ancient city, try not to miss the sunset. As the sun sets among the hills from distant to the sea, it seems as if it breaks through the middle of the peninsula. Suddenly, I see myself walking the same road 2500 years ago. I carefully place the new wine jug on my shoulders into the clay of the house. These are all too much oxygen. I will go down to 4 km downhill “civilization”, I will go to Bodrum center with Turkish pop music in the minibus, where I wait fifteen minutes.

Professor Dr. Adnan Diler and his team used this stone house as an excavation house. The ancient city of Pedasa is still a private property that has not been expropriated. With the volunteering of the owner, he used the stone house excavation center to help archaeological research. This stone house has one of the most beautiful locations I have seen in my life and has been very tastefully built. The fact that there is nothing other than itself in the protected area where transportation is limited makes this house unique.

The oldest people of the Aegean: Lelegs

Lelegs are referred to as the root of the Carians. Skepsis, Efessus, Smyrna, Gargara, Assos, Antandros, Khios island, Samos island, Naksos Island were the old Leleg cities. The ancient Greeks said that the Snow and Lelegs were the oldest peoples of the Aegean.

 In the epics of Homer, he talks about Lelegs as Trojan and says that Lelegs and Snows are of Asian origin. The Lelegs entered the war in the ranks of the Trojan King Priamos.

 There is no inscription that survives from the Lelegian language. They use the Carian language, they speak Karca and they use the snow alphabet.

 About Heredot Lelegs; The warrior, who has been put on the warhead for the first time, says that the people who engraved signs on the shield and used to hold the shield are Lelegs. Lelegians set up their cities in places that are not seen from the outside but from the city seeing all around and the sea.


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