Oymapinar Lake-Antalya

Where is Oymapinar Lake? How to go to Oymapinar Lake? What is the history of Oymapinar Lake?  What are the entrance fees for Oymapinar Lake? You can find the answer to all these questions in this article and discover the Oymapinar Lake with us. Pleasant readings..

Oymapınar Lake with Its Magnificent Nature

There are many natural beauties to be seen in Antalya city. Oymapinar lake is one of the natural structures that must be visited in Antalya. This natural structure is also known as Green Lake. Oymapinar Lake is also one of the two dams forming the Manavgat River. The lake, which takes its name from the emerald colors of its water, is surrounded by beautiful and worth seeing trees and unique magnificent plants. There is also the Manavgat plain, one of the most fertile and large plains of the city of Antalya. Many kinds of fruits, vegetables, cotton or wheat are grown in this fertile plain. There are even greenhouses where you can see and visit.

The easiest way to visit this lake is to witness this unique beauty by taking a short boat tour in the calm waters of the lake. You can also do mountain tours and rafting in Oymapınar. There will be many details that will win your admiration in your lake trip where you will have a pleasant time. When you watch the scenery, you will see that the sum of those small details constitutes this view. There are also facilities and picnic areas where you can stay. If you look carefully at the water while on a boat tour, you can also see the trout grown in the lake. It is possible to swim and dive in this lake. After this beautiful boat tour, you can enjoy your trip by eating a beautiful trout in one of the restaurants located right next to the lake.

The entrance fee to Oymapınar Lake, where transportation is provided in about 30 minutes by buses remaining from the city center, has been arranged in accordance with everyone.

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