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Olympos, which is the shelter of pirates due to its availability, has its historical values ​​today, its magnificent beach of 3200 m2, its endemic plants, Caretta Carettas, Chimera, its magnificent nature that allows all sports events and the famous tree houses used as hostels all over the world. it is recognized.

The exact date of establishment is unknown, but BC. It is mentioned in the Lycian Confederation coins that were printed between 68-78 years. It is known that Olympos had three votes in the Lycian Confederation Council, an economic union.

B.C. In 78, the Roman commander Servilius Isaurieus cleared Olympos from the pirates and added the city to the Roman lands, and during the Roman period, the Blacksmith god in Çıralı, where natural gases burned, had a great reputation. Olympos, which was invaded by the knights of Venice, Genoese and Rhodes during the Crusades, joined the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century during the reign of Mehmet the Conqueror. After the Middle Ages, the city, where there was no Turkish settlement until recently, was used only as a barracks by nomads.

Olympos, which is completely protected as an archaeological and natural protected area, is divided into two with Akçay Creek passing through the middle of the city.

The high hill, which is also seen from the beach and above the tombs, is the acropolis of Olympos. The building ruins on it belong to the walls that were shaped like a fortress in the Middle Ages. In ancient times, ships could pass through the river, which was turned into a canal with walls built on the banks of the river. The river has been channeled with the walls in the Polygonal technique built on the edges, and the two sides of the bridge that we see today are combined with the bridge. The windowed structure on the opposite side of the river is the ruins of the baths of the city. You can cross this coast of Olympos by pressing the big stones on the river. The theater of Olimpos, which is very difficult to navigate from the bushes, is located here. Vaulted paradoxes of the theater, ornate doors and niche scattered throughout the orchestra indicate that a typical Roman theater is located here.

Since Olympos is within the scope of the protected area, no building is allowed in the ancient area and its surroundings. Accommodation is made in tree houses. This is the most important stop for travelers. In addition, the Beydağları Olimpos National Park, near the region, is an ideal region for those interested in mountaineering.

The Olympos coast can be reached by walking about 1.5 km from the ruins of the ancient city, between the ruins of the ancient city.

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