Olympos Cable Car

Olympos Cable Car

You will learn everything you wonder about Olympos Teleferik in our article. Where is Olympos Teleferik? How to Go Olympos Teleferik? Olympos Cable Car entrance fee. Things to do in Olympos Teleferik. How many meters is Olympos Cable Car? How high is Olympos Teleferik.

At this point, which is preferred by thousands of local and foreign tourists who want to sign an enjoyable adventure and visual feast, you can also take a walk and participate in many activities offered by the facility for a fee. Details about Olympos Teleferik with prices, activities, where and transportation information and places to visit in the region are included in our article.

Information About Olympos Cable Car

Get ready for an amazing visual feast with panoramic cabin! With the capacity of 80 people, you will see a magnificent view with the cable car that will take you from the sub station, which is 726 meters high from the sea and carry it to a height of 2365 meters. If you travel with the cable car, the total time is 10 minutes, but make sure you will enjoy the unique view and enjoy it in a short time.

The Wetterhornaufzug cable car, known to be manufactured in 1908, has been designed and modernized and activated in accordance with the new technology.

With ropeways, you can take a stroll to many points of the region and sign a real visual feast. The cable car is operated by the facility and it is worth noting that maintenance work is carried out regularly every year.

Activities To Be Done

Besides enjoying the unique view with the cable car, you can also do different activities thanks to the facility located here. You can have a nice experience with one of these activities, paragliding.

Another activity is the Bungee catapult. It is a very nice activity for those who want to experience the excitement at the climax. Our next activity is walking. The region welcomes visitors for walking, especially in spring and summer. Other activities you can do here include bicycle tours, winter sports and promenade areas.

You can sip your drink with a wonderful view at the cafe located in the facility or taste the flavors such as Mediterranean cuisine, snacks and fastfood products offered by the cafe.

Olympos Cable Car Price

The fee you will pay for double entry adult full entry is currently 33 Euros. The amount you will pay for children aged 7-12 is determined as 16.50 Euros. There is no need to pay any fees for children aged 0-6.

While the entrance fee for one way is 22 Euros for adults, this price is 11 Euros for 7-12 year old children. Children between the ages of 0-6 can get service free of charge.

If you want to watch the sunrise, the adult fee will be 40 Euros. Children between the ages of 7-12 can get 20 Euros, and children between the ages of 0-6 can use this service free of charge.

You can access current prices through the official website and you can check the official website for sunset prices.

Olympos Cable Car Hours

Located on the summit of Tahtalı Mountain, the cable car serves between 09:00 and 18:30. Departure times vary according to months and weekdays and weekends. The opening and closing hours, which vary according to the months, generally open at 10:00, closes at 19:00 at the latest.

Where is Olympos Teleferik?

Located in the town of Antalya, Kemer, Tahtalı, the cable car continues to host thousands of local and foreign tourists. D400 is one of the most convenient routes to reach the region on the Mediterranean coastal road. The cable car is located exactly between the Tekirova and Çamyuva regions and is at a distance of 57 km from Antalya city center.

You can reach the cable car area with your personal vehicles and the facility has a free car park. There is also public transportation and transportation to the region and there are regular trips organized by the companies.

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