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Istanbul, which is full of history, has been hosting Miniatürk, which has attracted the attention of history and architecture enthusiasts since 2003.

Enriching its cultural content with entertainment opportunities makes the park a suitable place for families on a weekend trip and for travelers who come to the city for holiday purposes. If you want to see the most important structures of Anatolia and the nearby geography together, you can add Miniatürk Miniature Park to your sightseeing route.

The theme park, whose foundations were laid in 2001 with the slogan of “A Small Model of the Big Country”, was completed in 2 years and opened to visitors on May 02, 2003.

Thanks to its rich content, 15,000 square meters of the vast land of the park, which has gained a permanent place in the list of travelers to Istanbul since its opening, is divided into miniature copies of 134 works built in Anatolia and the lands ruled by the Ottoman Empire in a period of 3000 years.

Apart from the miniatures, which were built in accordance with the original, there are also show and children’s areas, entertainment facilities and shopping sections within the facility.

Information about miniatures is provided through the audio guidance service next to the works. This system, which is offered in 9 different languages, has been implemented in this park for the first time within the borders of our country.

Where and how to get Miniatürk?

The excursion park, which is rich in content and consists of valuable structures built in Anatolian and Ottoman geography over a period of thousands of years, is located within the boundaries of Sütlüce District in Beyoğlu District.

If you prefer to go to the entertainment facility on the shore of the Golden Horn by bus, you can use 54HT from Taksim, 41ST from Topkapı, 54HŞ from Mecidiyeköy, 47, 47E and 47Ç from Eminönü.

To go to the region using the metrobus, you need to get off at Halıcıoğlu Station and take the 41ST or Seyrantepe minibuses from Topkapı.

For those who will come to Miniatürk with their personal vehicle, all they have to do is follow the direction signs that will appear on the roadside when they reach the Golden Horn exit from the Kagithane Tunnel.

The facility, which is open to visitors 365 days a year, has a parking lot for 500 vehicles.

Departments in Miniatürk

There are a total of 5 sections in the miniature park, where you can travel all the way through the express train. The most important and interesting among these sections is Maket Eserler, which is the reason of establishment of the facility.

The miniature section, where families with children flock predominantly on weekends, and domestic and foreign travelers throughout the year, is devoted to 3 theme areas called Anatolia, Istanbul and Abroad.

In the Anatolian Works section, you can see the copies of countless natural and man-made masterpieces from Veysel Karani Mausoleum in Siirt to Trabzon Sumela Monastery, one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world, Halicarnassus Mausoleum, and the natural wonder Pamukkale travertines in Denizli.

The area devoted to Istanbul Works brings together landmarks such as the Blue Mosque, Çırağan Palace and Vefa High School of the city, which has been the capital of Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire.

In the past Ottoman borders located within the lands where the reduced copy of the towering structure Abroad Arts section if the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s birthplace, Architect One of the most important works left Hayreddin behind the Mostar Bridge, icon Ertugrul frigate of the Turkish-Japanese friendship and many more are waiting for you.

“Turkey Miniature Park” seen wandering in the said facilities in the name of what you can also include themed Panorama Victory and National Struggle Crystal Istanbul’s museums are exhibited in glass are processed into three-dimensional images with the help of lasers.

In the excursion park, which also includes a restaurant with a capacity of 500 people, you can head to the souvenir shop where you can find objects that will allow you to make your holiday memories immortal.

Miniatürk Entrance Fee 2019

Operating within the body of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the facility is open to visitors between 09.00-19.00 in the summer season. As the entrance fee to the miniature park, a price of 7.5 TL per adult has been determined.

Students, teachers and military personnel can enter the park by paying 3 TL. For foreign visitors, 15 Turkish Lira per person is required. Payments can only be made in credit cards or cash in Turkish Lira.

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