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About Alanya Castle

Where is Alanya Castle? What is the history of Alanya Castle? What are the features of Alanya castle? What are the Alanya castle visit hours and Alanya castle entrance fees? You will find the answer to all these questions in this article. We wish you a pleasant reading.

One of the symbols of Alanya, the famous district of Antalya, is Alanya Castle. The settlement area on the Alanya peninsula, which is also known as “Kandeleri”, descends until the Hellenistic period, but its historical texture that remains today is known as the thirteenth century Seljuk artifact. Alanya Castle was built by the Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat, who conquered and rebuilt the city in 1221. Alanya Castle is located on the peninsula rising up to 250 meters above sea level. The length of its walls reaches 6.5 kilometers in total.

Alanya Castle History

The settlement of the ancient city was founded by the Tryhos warriors, a pirate in the second century BC. It is called “Korakesion”. However, the Romans wanted to conquer the castle to stop pirate activities in the Mediterranean. Alanta Castle was joined to the Seljuk territory with the raids of the Seljuks in 1217-1218. In the following periods, it came under the control of Karamanoğulları and Mamluks. It was last brought to the Ottoman lands during the period of Sultan Süleyman.

Architectural Features of Alanya Castle

As a result of recent excavations by scientists, Alanya Castle is thought to be the sultan’s palace. During the construction, the materials of the Ancient Age were used. The battlements on each face of the castle, the observation windows, and the holes with veils in front of the enemy for pouring pitch and boiling water give the building a magnificent beauty. Symbolizing the first meeting of the Seljuks with the Mediterranean, Tersane stands firmly in the integrity of Alanya Castle. The structure, which consists of five vaulted compartments, is approximately 57 meters long and 40 meters deep. The inscription on the entrance door carries the emblem of the Sultan. The inscription is decorated with rosettes. There is a small room on the right side of the door. This room was used as a masjid according to some scientists and was used as a warehouse for some. It is believed that the room at the end of the door was allocated to the officers assigned to the Shipyard.

A small Byzantine Church stands out in the middle of the citadel. This likeli proves that the castle was used long before the date it was built. In addition, the survival of the church to date is evidence of the respect of the Seljuks for those of different religions and their places of worship. In this context, these structures need to be protected more. The building has a clover leaf plan. The dome is surrounded by a wide pulley center, consisting of round arched windows and deaf niches. It is evident from the remaining signs that the church is decorated with frescoes. The castle is dated to the eleventh century due to its architectural features. Alaaddin Keykubat also built many monumental structures that became meaningful and integrated with the castle. Kızılkule, one of the unique examples of the art of the Seljuk period, provides integrity with the castle. Kızılkule is the symbol of Alanya with its plan and magnificence. It was built to keep the port under constant control. The diameter of Kızılkule is 29 meters on the ground and its height is 33 meters. It has an octagonal structure. The architecture of the tower, which was known to be built in 1226, writes as Abu Ali from Aleppo in the inscription in the north direction. In the seven-line inscription to the south of the tower, it was written that Sultan A. Keykubat was glorified with praiseworthy qualities.

Where is Alanya Castle, How to Get There?

You can take Alanya minibuses or buses from Antalya center or take a taxi to Alanya. Alanya Castle is located at a point where you can easily see and reach when you reach Alanya.

Alanya Castle Visiting Hours

It serves its visitors between 09: 00-19: 30 in spring and summer, and between 08: 30-17: 00 in autumn and winter. Museums and ruins are closed until 13:00 on the first day of religious holidays.

Alanya Castle Entrance Fee

Alanya Castle entrance fee is determined as 15 Turkish lira.

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