Kizlan Windmills

Kizlan Windmills

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The girls continue to carry the traces of the ancient civilization they have today. The windmill region, which does not remain on the dusty pages of history but still exists today, continues to exist for those who want to witness the history alive. The mill, which is at a distance of 8 km on the Datça road, is 200 meters away from the main road and awaits its visitors. There is no information about the exact period of the mill. It is thought to have a 200-year history. The total of 6 girls’ windmills are among the private owned buildings. It serves as a mill restaurant purchased and restored by the District Governorship. While one mill is being used as a house today, the other 4 mills are in ruins. When you enter into the ruined mills, it is seen that they are completely empty or that the millstone is in place.

The chimney of the mill, which was designed very well for the period it was built, was designed to be protected from wind. There are niches right across the doors of the mill and stone stairs were built to change floors. Değirmen Datça was built in a special region that receives wind in all seasons. The mill, which was used very popular periodically until 1970, has been defeated and not used against modern flour mills after this date.

Kızlan Windmill

Datça is among the special cities that wake up from its sleep with the spring months. There is activity until the end of November in the region where the mobility starts with February. It is possible for you to come to the region, which is one of the most prominent Saki holiday addresses, for sea and sun in 9 months. It may be possible to come to the region, which is not cold in the winter season, with small holidays. It may take April to fully open the sea season.

 Until the end of October, hotel reservations stand out with their occupancy rate. The common wish of many guests visiting the region is not to leave Datça. For Datça locals, the sea season coincides with the seasons returned by holidaymakers. According to the locals, the best time of Datça is between September and October. Regardless of the season or month you will go, Datça will always give you happiness with its nature.

Windmills are among the must-see places when you come to Datça. We are in Datca again on a summer day. We have breakfast in the early hours of the morning and retire to rest, even from road fatigue. It feels the air temperature towards noon. After a little stroll we descend to the beach. While coming here, we leave ourselves to cool waters in the clean bay of Datça. This bay, which is completely sandy, is perfect in every aspect. Shower and dressing cabinets were built in many places. It is a private beach.

We said let’s do some nostalgia. We come to Kızlan village where there are windmills. This place is on average 7-8 km before coming to the center of Datça. the distance is also immediately above the road. The windmills here are all owned. However, one of them was bought by the district governorship, restored and put into service as a cafeteria. First, we sip our tea with some conversation and get information from the Business owner.

Information About Windmills

Although the exact date of the windmills here is not known, it is certain that it was built in the early 1800s. Even if windmills were mentioned in previous periods, there are no traces of them today. Assuming that many windmills are together, it should not be overlooked that this region was crowded at that time. However, these days are quiet, calm and self-contained.

When we look at the structure of the windmills, we see that it has three floors. The floors can be reached with wooden and stone stairs. Small little windows. I think the top floor should be the miller’s room. Be careful, as getting into the windmills is dangerous. In many, fig trees have grown. Don’t be surprised if you see creatures such as big spider and lizard.

To listen to the silent cry and sadness of the windmills, I think it is enough to watch the sunset from here. You are buried in silence as you are all buried in the dark. If your path falls, try this one for sure one day.

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