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If the cities that make sense with their natural beauties, air, and people also contain history, it will become a law to be visited. Kayakoy is known as a ghost town. Its historical name is Levissi. Maybe some people still know him by this name. But it is mostly known by its new name. This is a rock village and yes, the name Kayakoy is a very rational choice.

A Ghost City from the Past to the Present

The story of Kayakoy, one of the most beautiful settlements in Fethiye, begins in the 11th century (Some sources also mention it as the 14th century). This is a Greek village built on the settlement of the Lycian Civilization. In fact, it might be a little unfair to call this a village. Because this is a huge city with 25 thousand people living until the 20th century. Some of the Turks emigrating from Thrace are located here. But the Turks, who could not adapt to the life here, left the village. The fate of Kayakoy has always been to be abandoned.

Kayakoy Greek houses are very famous. There are 3500 residences, churches, chapels and art workshops that need to be discovered in this settlement, which is seen as a museum. Giving a mysterious history lesson than the spooky city of a ghost city, this travel route is one of the places you should definitely visit during your Fethiye trip.

What Are The Features Of Kayakoy?

There are approximately 500 households in Kayakoy. Each of them is 50 m2 in size, and it has been built so as not to cover the view of each other. All these houses are under protection together with Two Greek Orthodox Churches. The best building to survive in Fethiye Kayaköy is the church of Kayakoy, which remains on the right side of the square after climbing up to 10 minutes from the entrance, but it is not possible to enter here due to renovations. After Kayakoy was abandoned, almost all of the buildings in Kayakoy were unable to withstand earthquakes and natural processes. The roofs of the houses are scarce, and the walls are mostly in ruins.

The streets of Kayakoy houses, which attract the attention of visitors to Fethiye and Ölüdeniz, can be visited. The streets are made of stones, there are wide steps upwards. As the roads are rough and uneven, it can be a little tiring.

The village was also reflected in popular culture. Austrian actor Russell Crowe made the last scenes of the movie The Water Diviner (Last Hope), which he played with Cem Yılmaz and Yılmaz Erdogan, in kayakoy. Kayakoy is recognized by UNESCO as the World Friendship and Peace Village. However, one third of the village is planned to be developed. In addition to touristic facilities, it is also possible to build a hotel. If you have not been to Kayakoy before, I suggest you go as soon as possible.

Small Tips About Kayakoy

Speaking of photography, Kayakoy ancient city is a perfect and mysterious studio. The stone walls of the ruined houses, different doors, courtyards still undisturbed offer options for a magnificent photographic scene. The houses here allow you to take great panoramic photos, as they are built in accordance with the slope of the land, so that they do not block each other in terms of light and landscape. Let’s give you a tactic; In spring, this ghost town poses great poses with the fog rising in the early morning light.

You should definitely visit the Yukari Church, which is famous for its visual richness in this village, which is mostly home. The Upper Church was built on a hill in the middle of the village. You should definitely see this pink-plastered, geometric-shaped church. The Lower Church is a better-preserved option. The reason for its better protection is that it was used as a mosque until the 60’s.

What Is Fethiye Kayakoy Entrance Fee?

The entrance fee to Kayaköy is 5 TL and the Museum passes the card. Tickets are sold, but after buying the ticket, there are no checkpoints. To get to Kayakoy, you have to go to the dining area next to the box office, you can go through this area without buying a ticket, it has become strange. You can visit Kayakoy every day of the week between 09:00 – 20:00 during the summer period. How to go to Kayakoy?

After reaching Fethiye, follow the “Karymlassos” sign that you will see when you come to Hisaronu from Oludeniz road. After 5 kilometers from this sign, you will reach the first buildings of Kayakoy. Another alternative is to provide a connection from the mountain road, following 7 km south of Fethiye Castle. While reaching Kayakoy, you will see pine roads and excellent views. Therefore, we recommend that you try both roads, not the same way for departure and return. For example, you can choose the first route route on departure and the second route we recommend on return.


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