Karain Cave

Karain Cave

You will learn everything you wonder about Karain Cave in our article. Information about Karain Cave. Where is Karain Cave? How to Go Karain Cave? Karain Cave entrance fee. The history of Karain Cave. Karain Cave photos.

Karain cave is known as one of the largest natural caves in our country. The cave is determined to be approximately 430 meters above sea level. Various excavations have been carried out in the cave since 1946. Everything found in these excavations is exhibited in Karain Museum and Antalya Museum.

As it is understood from those found during the excavation, the cave has been protecting itself for approximately 500.000 years. At the same time, he made various evidence that people lived there at that time. In addition to this, it has the quality of being one of the largest caves that human beings have lived in.

 The cave is important for the history of Anatolia and the Near East. It is determined that people lived in the cave in various ages. Some of these ages are known as paleolithic, neololitic, chalcolithic and protohistoric ages. Today, excavations in the cave are still continuing.

How Karain Cave was Formed and Features

The cave was formed with natural karst events. The cave was discovered by Kılıç Kökten in 1946. The formation of the cave; It was the combination of three rocks with fine corridors. As a result of the excavations carried out in the cave, many remains belonging to the Middle Stone, New Stone, Copper Stone and Bronze Age were found. This shows that the cave created a living space for people until approximately 500,000 years ago. It is extremely exciting to see that many of the remains of this age are in one area.

Karain Cave Entrance Fee

The entrance fee to the cave is 6 TL. Museum card is valid at the entrance of the cave.

Visiting Hours

Visit to the cave varies according to the seasons.

08:00 – 19:00 from April 1 to October 1

Where and how to go to Karain Cave?

The cave is located in the village of Yağca, 30 km from the province of Antalya. Karain signs will appear after you progress about 13 kilometers in the direction of Antalya-Burdur. You can easily reach the cave by following these signs.

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