Kabak Cove, Fethiye

Kabak Cove, Fethiye

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Kabak Cove, which is preferred by young travelers, with its endemic plant diversity, wildlife and 200-meter bay, is located at the foot of Babadağ, which is among the 100 protected mountains of the world, is 33 km from Fethiye center.

Pumpkin rarely encountered in having a geological structure in Turkey Cove, surrounded on three sides by mountains, deep valleys and canyons form this valley opened to the sea is composed of pebbled beaches.

In addition to its unique appearance, Kabak Cove, where campgrounds and tree houses are set up instead of large hotels to protect natural life, is considered one of the best trekking trails in the world. The 513 km long Lycian Way passes through Kabak Cove.

Kabak Cove, which is on the list of places to visit in Fethiye, is an area that has evolved separately from the others by remaining isolated, with its location surrounded by high rocks, streams and the sea. The tiger butterflies, which gave their name to the Butterfly Valley, are also among the endemic species living here.

Kabak Valley, which can be reached by walking down steep slopes, with jeeps or dolmus, was a completely untouched area until 1987. Turan Pirendeoğlu, the first traveler to settle in Kabak Cove, is also the founder of Turan Kamp, the first settlement of the valley.

Kabak Cove still offers a perfect retreat for those who want to get away from the chaos of city life, image and sound pollution and be close to nature. Hundreds of local and foreign visitors visit Kabak Cove, one of the most special regions of the world, with its untouched beauty and ancient features.

You can take pictures of nature, hammock and sea trio as well as squirrels in trees, and accompany the songs of cicadas at night, in Kabak Cove, which is a quiet natural and virgin naturally protected area.

The 200-meter beach of Kabak Bay is a great place to enjoy the glassy turquoise sea. One of the most beautiful activities that can be done in the bay, where everything that nature can bring together for peace with its forests consisting of pine and juniper trees, is undoubtedly hiking.

How to get to Kabak Cove

Kabak Cove is located 33 km from Fethiye, 17 km from Oludeniz and 4 km from Butterfly Valley. You can also go with a 20-minute walk from the Kabak District of Faralya Village, or with the Faralya minibus departing from Oludeniz or a boat you can rent from a nearby bay.

Dolls of Faralya are moving from Fethiye center to Kabak Cove every hour between 07.00-19.00. The last stop for minibuses is Last Stop Cafe, located just at the beginning of Kabak Cove.

It takes about 15 minutes from Oludeniz to Kabak Cove. There are minibuses serving down at Last Stop Cafe. Since the path is well organized, you can also walk on foot.

You can take the Faralya (Kabak) minibus departing from the Dalaman Airport to Dalaman Airport, which is the last stop by HAVAS buses, and departing from outside the bus station.


Kabak Cove Places to Visit

  1. Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is a natural beauty reminiscent of paradise, surrounded by steep cliffs reaching 350 meters and located 5 km from Ölüdeniz. The valley, which takes its name from more than 80 species of butterflies, is isolated from the environment due to the surrounding mountains. The valley can be reached by boats.

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  1. Faralya Village

Britain’s world famous newspaper The Times, 6 count the hidden paradise of Faralya village in Turkey, is located about 20 minutes’ walk from Pumpkin Bay. The official name of Faralya, which is spread over an area of 40 km and established a few hundred meters from the sea coast, is Uzunyurt Village.

Faralya Village, which is the most important region of Fethiye in terms of nature and village tourism, is located in a location dominating the Butterfly Valley and Oludeniz with its unique location. It amazes its visitors with its immense beauty with its stunning beauty, seascape, breathtaking sunset colors, rich vegetation, and wild mountains standing upright.

  1. Oludeniz

Oludeniz, which is 17 km away from Fethiye and has a seductive beauty, is a corner from heaven with its calm water and beautiful Belcekız Beach even in stormy weather like its name.

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Oludeniz, which is very close to Kabak Bay, shines like emerald in the lush pine forests that stretch to the coast with the clearness and beach of the turquoise sea.

  1. Ancient Lycian Way

The Ancient Lycian Way, which welcomes visitors from all over the world, starts from the rock tombs of Fethiye and extends to Demre and Antalya. Following the direction signs placed on the pathways, it reaches Faralya Village from the skirts of Babadag. After Faralya, the walk continues towards the turquoise waters of Kabak Cove.

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