Jale Kuşhan Wax Sculpture Museum

Where is Jale Kuşhan Wax Sculpture Museum? How to go to Jale Kuşhan Wax Sculpture Museum? What is the history of Jale Kuşhan Wax Sculpture Museum? What are the entrance fees for the Jale Kuşhan Wax Sculpture Museum? You can find the answer to all these questions in this article and discover the Jale Kuşhan Wax Sculpture Museum with us. Pleasant readings..

How Did The Wax Sculpture Museum Idea Come From?

Hello, I am a graduate of the Geophysical Engineering Department. While working in a construction company in Istanbul, we had rapidly increasing commercial, cultural, economic and tourism-based relations with Russia and the Old East Bloc countries. So I realized that qualified human resources who speak Russian are needed. I left for free leave from the company I was working on. I enrolled in the Russian Language Department of the Polytechnic University of Odessa, Ukraine. At that time, production had stopped in Russia. Everything was imported from abroad. Turkey to corner particularly construction machinery, including building materials, supplies began to arrive cafe demand issues, etc. I started my own company in 1997 and started exporting.

In 1999 I attended the international machinery fair in St. Petersburg. While working around the city’s cultural and artistic venues outside working hours, I had the opportunity to visit the wax sculpture museum. I was very impressed while visiting the museum. I knew there was no such museum in our country. When I talked to the museum officials, I got the information that they can open an exhibition abroad if there is a demand. Upon this, I made an attempt to realize a first in our country. After learning conditions to exhibit the museum authorities have hired three banks from taking loans for 34 wax statues of world our great country for three months and brought to Turkey. At that time, it was not known by our people as to what the wax sculpture in Turkey. A lot of effort was required for the promotion. I was having a hard time finding an exhibition space. extension period received from the Ministry of Culture for a temporary exhibition that I brought to Turkey on the other hand has expired. Thereupon, by meeting with the officials of the museum, by paying like rent, 34 statues of St. I bought it from the St. Petersburg Museum. I started to have the sculptures of Turkish elders, especially Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The number of sculptures, which increased to 60 in 11 years, is increasing, and names of Turkish and World history continue to be added to the museum. We have opened 50 exhibitions in 26 cities in 11 years in order to introduce this art to the public. As a result of these efforts, I think that we have created awareness about wax sculpture art in public. While this situation is positive in terms of bringing the museum together with the public; on the other hand, it creates problems in terms of the sensitivity of the sculptures. No matter how much attention is paid, sculptures can be damaged by constant moving. For this reason, I continue to receive training on the maintenance, repair and makeup of the sculptures from time to time.

My goal; Our aim is to establish a stable Wax Sculpture Museum with 100 famous people from Turkey and the world in Istanbul, with its firsts in the world, to represent our country in the best way by opening exhibitions abroad from time to time, and also to allow wax sculpture artists to be trained in the workshop that can be established within the museum.

Wax Sculpture Making

8-15 artists work on a sculpture and the construction of the sculptures is completed in 1.5-3 months. If the person to be sculpted is alive, a mask is taken from the person’s hand and face, and detailed photographs are taken in many ways. If the person is not living and there is no bureaucratic obstacle to open his grave, the person’s grave is opened and the bone structure is examined, the ethnology and anthropology institute is engaged, so that the person’s facial features can be determined by scientific study. This method was applied in Ivan the Terrible and Timurlenk in our exhibition. Therefore, we can say that although they lived centuries ago, they are very close to reality. If the person does not live and there are bureaucratic obstacles in opening his grave, existing photographs, pictures or depictions are used. Hair and beards used in one-to-one sculptures are real human hair and beards, and eyes and teeth are prostheses.

The Benefit of Wax Sculpture Art to Society

Wax sculpture art is seen as extremely useful in terms of contributing to visual and applied education in the development of students as well as instilling the awareness of history and love of history through culture and art. In addition, its benefit to tourism is indisputable.

Our “Firsts” in the World

The Wax Sculpture Museum, which is exhibited in 6 different rooms in an area of ​​1000 m2 with the contributions of Kentpark AVM, has gained the 4th Dimension for the first time in the world. The revival of the period in which each statue lives with its own decoration and the movement in some of the sculptures add another dimension to the sculptures.

Unlike other Wax Sculpture Museums in the world, expert guides provide information to our visitors for about 40 minutes and narration and cinema screenings are supported.

Our other application, which is the first in the world; The hand or foot molds of our visitors who want to work with a special material, made of wax or polyester, are tailor-made. These works can be kept as a souvenir that can be kept for centuries if protected well.

Visiting times and fees

Visiting hours: Everyday from 10:00 to 22:00. (Hours and hours set by Sapphire AVM at the New Year.)

Museum entrance fee

Full ticket: 10 TL.

Discounted ticket: 8 TL.

Get prices for collective visits.

Free admission: Children aged 7 and under, Disabled people and a companion, Press members

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