Iztuzu Beach

Iztuzu Beach

You will learn everything you wonder about Iztuzu Beach in our article. Where is Iztuzu Beach? How to Go Iztuzu Beach? Information about Iztuzu Beach. Iztuzu Beach Caretta charettes. Iztuzu Beach entrance fee. Iztuzu Beach entrance hours. Iztuzu Beach.

Iztuzu Beach is located in Dalyan town of Mugla’s Ortaca district. The beach, which is 4.5 kilometers long, is also known as Turtle Beach. This is one of the areas where Caretta charettes lay their eggs. The beach area extends from the skirts of Radar Hill to the front of Delik Ada.

In Iztuzu Strait, lake and sea water meet and this area creates formations worth seeing. Fresh water flows from one end of the beach to the other.

Iztuzu Beach and Caretta Charettes

Caretta charettes are one of the first creatures to land from water. It is one of the rare creatures that have existed since ancient times. These creatures, whose numbers have decreased over time, have increased in recent years thanks to the works that protect the natural life. They are one of the sea turtle species and they are large creatures with an average weight of 70 – 140 kilograms. Caretta charettes lay their eggs ashore and return to the sea again. These creatures that lay eggs only on natural and clean beaches are connected to the first beach where they hatch. They lay eggs where they were born throughout their lives. Iztuzu Beach is one of the rare places where Caretta charettes lay eggs.

Iztuzu Beach is closed to visitors as of 20.00 in the evening and there is no light in the surroundings. The reason for this is to protect the Caretta charettes. During their breeding season, pets cannot enter the beach. Caretta charettes bury their eggs on the beach. The offspring that develop here are immobilized in the sand for 26 hours after hatching. Then they climb to the surface and follow the light of the full moon and reach the sea.

If there is another light source around, the offspring can lose their direction. On the other hand, although there are a lot of offspring from the eggs, the number of those who can grow and live is very few. Therefore, measures are taken to protect these creatures at Iztuzu Beach. The fact that these creatures did not leave Iztuzu Beach also shows how clean the area is.

Iztuzu Beach Features

Iztuzu Beach has rare features in many ways. The area where the beach, which is a wonder of nature, has interesting features. The river descending from the mountainous area just behind the beach meets the sea here. In this way, there is fresh water on one side of the beach and salt water on the other, and both of them can swim. Iztuzu beach is covered with yellow sand called golden sand and has a length of 5400 meters. There are no structures like houses, shops or hotels around it. In this way, it is one of the cleanest natural areas.

Iztuzu Beach has been declared as the Best Outdoor Area in Europe by the British press, The Times, and has been registered as the best beach in Europe in 2011.

It is known that this natural wonder area was not in Antiquity. The ancient city of Kaunos, located in this area, was one of the port cities of the period. At that time, Dalaman Stream flowed from where Ortaca and Dalya were located. The great Rhodes Earthquake occurred between 226 and 227 BC. As a result, Dalaman Stream changed beds and the waves started to move the sand to the shore. The rocks in front of the sands also accelerated the accumulation by cutting the speed of the waves.

The unique Iztuzu Beach formed in this way is one of the cleanest and most interesting natural wonders today. Today, one side of the beach is the sea and the other side is the lake, it draws the attention of those who want to experience interesting swimming. It is also safer if the sea is not suddenly deepened and relatively shallow.

Iztuzu Beach Facilities

Iztuzu Beach can be visited between certain hours to protect the Caretta charettes that lay their eggs here. If we look at the Iztuzu Beach visit hours, the beach opens at 08.00 in the morning and closes at 20.00 in the evening.

The lifeguard area and health center at the beach also serves for emergencies. On the other hand, there are showers, dressing rooms and toilets in the area. Since the beach and its natural structure are preserved, there are no businesses like hotels around.

A camping area included in the beach area is also not established. But it is allowed to set up a tent on the left side of the vehicle entrance. This place is already an independent episode so it won’t be involved.

Iztuzu Beach Entrance Fee

Entrance to the beach is charged, but prices can be said to be affordable. It is also possible to rent umbrellas and sunbeds here; The price of a sunbed is 5 liras, the umbrella price is 5 liras. You can enter the beach from the left side by car or by boat from the area named Dalyan Agzı.

There is also a parking lot where vehicles can be parked at the entrance of the area. Parking is free for 15-minute visits and paid for later, but prices can be said to be affordable.

Where is Iztuzu Beach? How to go Iztuzu Beach?

Iztuzu Beach is located in Dalyan town of Ortaca district of Mugla. There is a distance of 12 kilometers between the beach and Dalyan. It is possible to go to Iztuzu Beach by boat or by road. You can reach the beach in about 30 minutes by boats departing from Dalyan. The boat is full, starts at 9.30 in the morning. The return from the beach to Dalyan starts at 13.00. There is no vehicle entrance at the point where the boats arrive.

On the other hand, those who want to go by road can travel around Sulungur Lake by public transport departing from the center of Dalyan and reach it in a 20-minute journey. Those who wish can eat pancake-style meals in the facilities with a great view of the lake.


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