Izmir Bird Paradise

Izmir Bird Paradise

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In addition to the places that can be visited during the day in Izmir, there are many places that are recommended to stay and see for a long time. You can visit historical places in Izmir. However, İzmir has areas that are famous for their natural beauty as well as historical places. Daily tours can be preferred to visit the natural beauties in Izmir. Izmir Bird Paradise is among the places to visit in this beautiful city. Bird paradise is located in Çiğli district of Izmir province.

Information About İzmir Bird Paradise

The place where natural beauties are located is located in Çamaltı Tuzlas. This natural area is under protection. It is known that the area taken under protection by the General Directorate of Forestry is one of the wetlands that are of great importance for our country. A large number of birds, such as pink winged flamingos, gray storks, black storks, swallows, sand birds and crested pelicans, live in Izmir Bird Paradise.

İzmir Bird Paradise is home to 205 bird species with its feature of being a large wetland. These bird species are housed in an area of ​​8000 hectares. It is said that İzmir Bird Paradise is located on the migration routes. Due to its location on migration routes, it is said that approximately 50000 birds are visited this natural area every year. In İzmir Bird Paradise; bird watching towers and sightseeing bikes are located within the visiting area.

İzmir is home to many birds in the paradise of bird paradise. Many animals have been hunted in this natural paradise for years. To prevent this, the Forestry Directorate has taken this natural area under protection. In order to prevent predators, hunt protection studies were also carried out. There are 4 types of ecosystems in İzmir Bird Paradise. The first of these ecosystems is known as the salt water ecosystem (dalyanlar and Çamaltı Saltwater pools). Others are known as freshwater ecosystems (reeds), grasslands and hilly areas.

Where and How to Get There Izmir Bird Paradise

İzmir Bird Paradise is located in Çamalan Tuzlas of Çiğli district of İzmir province. Turkey, which is one of the most important wetlands in the year and suffered a lot of birds flock to Izmir You can use your private car or public transport to go to the Bird Sanctuary.

If you are going to İzmir Bird Paradise with your private vehicle; You will have to proceed along the coastal road from Karşıyaka. After passing Mavişehir from the coastal road, when you approach Çiğili, you will return from the junction of Çiğili Organized Industrial Zone to the direction of Kipa. You will see signs on the road. Information on how to go to İzmir Bird Paradise is given on the signs located at short distances. You can easily reach İzmir Bird Paradise by following these signs.

Izmir Bird Paradise Contact Information

Address: Milli Kütüphane Cad. SSK Rent Facilities C Blok No: 316, Konak / İzmir

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